Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Volume 16, 2019, Issue 10


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Turning Science Into Effective Policy Advocacy—The Foundations for the Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018
Tom Kane
Pages: 809–810


Associations of School Day Sedentary Behavior and Physical Activity With Gross Motor Skills: Use of Compositional Data Analysis
Ryan D. Burns, Youngwon Kim, Wonwoo Byun and Timothy A. Brusseau
Pages: 811–817

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Crime and Physical Activity: Development of a Conceptual Framework and Measures
Christina M. Patch, Caterina G. Roman, Terry L. Conway, Ralph B. Taylor, Kavita A. Gavand, Brian E. Saelens, Marc A. Adams, Kelli L. Cain, Jessa K. Engelberg, Lauren Mayes, Scott C. Roesch and James F. Sallis
Pages: 818–829

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Metabolic Syndrome, Physical Activity, and Medication-Related Expenditures: A Longitudinal Analysis
Ítalo R. Lemes, Rômulo A. Fernandes, Bruna C. Turi-Lynch, Jamile S. Codogno, Luana C. de Morais, Kelly A.K. Koyama and Henrique L. Monteiro
Pages: 830–835

Associations of Sitting Behavior Patterns With Cardiometabolic Risk in Children: The Sit Less for Health Cross-Sectional Study
Stephanie L. Stockwell, Lindsey R. Smith, Hannah M. Weaver, Daniella J. Hankins and Daniel P. Bailey
Pages: 836–842

Program Reach and Implementation Feasibility of a Physical Activity School Health Program: A Qualitative Study of Teachers’ Perception
Julie D. Guldager, Anja Leppin, Jesper von Seelen and Pernille T. Andersen
Pages: 843–850

Aerobic Training Performed at Ventilatory Threshold Improves Psychological Outcomes in Adolescents With Obesity
Yara Fidelix, Mara C. Lofrano-Prado, Leonardo S. Fortes, James O. Hill, Ann E. Caldwell, João P. Botero and Wagner L. do Prado
Pages: 851–856

The Physiological Assessment and Analysis of the Physical Demand of Riding a Snowmobile
Tania Pereira, John Durocher and Jamie Burr
Pages: 857–864

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The Association of Physical Activity and Mortality Risk Reduction Among Smokers: Results From 1998–2009 National Health Interview Surveys–National Death Index Linkage
Mohammad Siahpush, Trish D. Levan, Minh N. Nguyen, Brandon L. Grimm, Athena K. Ramos, Tzeyu L. Michaud and Patrik L. Johansson
Pages: 865–871

Compliance With Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior Guidelines and Associations With Abdominal Adiposity in a Sample of Infants and Toddlers From Soweto, South Africa
Alessandra Prioreschi and Lisa K. Micklesfield
Pages: 872–879

Associations Between Neighborhood Recreation Environments and Adolescent Physical Activity
Kavita A. Gavand, Kelli L. Cain, Terry L. Conway, Brian E. Saelens, Lawrence D. Frank, Jacqueline Kerr, Karen Glanz and James F. Sallis
Pages: 880–885

Physical Activity Before or During Pregnancy and Low Back Pain: Data From the 2015 Pelotas (Brazil) Birth Cohort Study
Eduardo L. Caputo, Paulo H. Ferreira, Manuela L. Ferreira, Andréa D. Bertoldi, Marlos R. Domingues, Debra Shirley and Marcelo C. Silva
Pages: 886–893

A Comparison of the Physiology of Sedentary Behavior and Light Physical Activity in Adults With and Without a Physical Disability
Astrid C.J. Balemans, Han Houdijk, Gilbert R. Koelewijn, Marjolein Piek, Frank Tubbing, Anne Visser-Meily and Olaf Verschuren
Pages: 894–901

Distinct Methods for Assessing Compliance With a Physical Activity Guideline for Children in Preschools
Connie L. Tompkins, Erin K. Shoulberg, Lori E. Meyer, Caroline P. Martin, Marissa Dennis, Allison Krasner and Betsy Hoza
Pages: 902–907

Sociodemographic Differences in Young Children Meeting 24-Hour Movement Guidelines
Chelsea L. Kracht, Elizabeth K. Webster and Amanda E. Staiano
Pages: 908–915

A Prior High-Intensity Exercise Bout Attenuates the Vascular Dysfunction Resulting From a Prolonged Sedentary Bout
Ryan S. Garten, Matthew C. Scott, Tiffany M. Zúñiga, Austin C. Hogwood, R. Carson Fralin and Jennifer Weggen
Pages: 916–924


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Factors Related to Physical Activity in Early Childhood: A Systematic Review
Angela Maria Hoyos-Quintero and Herney Andrés García-Perdomo
Pages: 925–936

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