Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Volume 15, 2018, Issue 1

Original Research

Sedentary Behaviors and Biomarkers Among Breast Cancer Survivors S
heri J. Hartman, Catherine R. Marinac, Lisa Cadmus-Bertram, Jacqueline Kerr, Loki Natarajan, Suneeta Godbole, Ruth E. Patterson, Brittany Morey, and Dorothy D. Sears

Tracking of Pedometer-Determined Physical Activity: A 16-Year Follow-Up Study
Anders Raustorp and Andreas Fröberg

Are Measures Derived From Land Use and Transport Policies Associated With Walking for Transport?
Jerome N. Rachele, Vincent Learnihan, Hannah M. Badland, Suzanne Mavoa, Gavin Turrell, and Billie Giles-Corti

Sociodemographic Moderators of Environment–Physical Activity Associations: Results From the International Prevalence Study
Lilian G. Perez, Terry L. Conway, Adrian Bauman, Jacqueline Kerr, John P. Elder, Elva M. Arredondo, and James F. Sallis

The Impact of 10-Year Physical Activity Changes on 7-Year Mortality in Older Mexican Americans
Zakkoyya H. Lewis, Kyriakos S. Markides, Kenneth J. Ottenbacher, and Soham Al Snih

Indoor and Outdoor Context-Specific Contributions to Early Adolescent Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity as Measured by Combined Diary, Accelerometer, and GPS
Matthew Pearce, David H. Saunders, Peter Allison, and Anthony P. Turner

Behavioral Effects of a Locomotor-Based Physical Activity Intervention in Preschoolers
Sarah Burkart, Jasmin Roberts, Matthew C. Davidson, and Sofiya Alhassan

Research Note

Emotional Intelligence and Physical Activity
Leehu Zysberg and Rotem Hemmel

Brief Report

Exercise Predicts Long-Term Weight Loss in Women With Class 1 and Class 2 Obesity Through Effects on Emotional Eating and its Correlates
James J. Annesi


Effect of Exercise on Inflammatory Profile of Older Persons: Systematic Review and Meta-Analyses
Renato Sobral Monteiro-Junior, Paulo de Tarso Maciel-Pinheiro, Eduardo da Matta Mello Portugal, Luiz Felipe da Silva Figueiredo, Rodrigo Terra, Lara S. F. Carneiro, Vinícius Dias Rodrigues, Osvaldo J. M. Nascimento, Andrea Camaz Deslandes, and Jerson Laks


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