Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, Volume 12, 2018, Issue 2

A Phenomenological Study: Experiencing the Unexpected Death of a Teammate
Duncan Simpson and Lauren P. Elberty

Advancing the Assessment of Anger in Sports: Gender Differences and STAXI-2 Normative Data for College Athletes
Michelle L. Bartlett, Mitch Abrams, Megan Byrd, Arial S. Treankler, and Richard Houston-Norton

Perceived Importance of Selected Psychological Strategies Among Elite Malaysian Athletes
Vellapandian Ponnusamy, Michelle Guerrero, and Jeffrey J. Martin

An Examination of Hazing in Canadian Intercollegiate Sports
Jay Johnson, Michelle D. Guerrero, Margery Holman, Jessica W. Chin, and Mary Anne Signer-Kroeker

Risk for Depression and Psychological Well-Being in German National and State Team Athletes—Associations With Age, Gender, and Performance Level
Johanna Belz, Jens Kleinert, Jeannine Ohlert, Thea Rau, and Marc Allroggen

Perfectionism, Burnout, and Depression in Youth Soccer Players: A Longitudinal Study
Esmie P. Smith, Andrew P. Hill, and Howard K. Hall

Factor Structure and Gender Invariance Testing for the Sport Anxiety Scale-2 (SAS-2)
Leilani A. Madrigal, Vincenzo Roma, Todd Caze, Arthur Maerlender, and Debra Hope

The Parent–Child Relationship and Sport Parents’ Experiences of Burnout and Engagement
J.D. DeFreese, Travis E. Dorsch, and Travis A. Flitton

Controlled Evaluation of an Optimization Approach to Mental Health and Sport Performance
Brad Donohue, Yulia Gavrilova, Marina Galante, Elena Gavrilova, Travis Loughran, Jesse Scott, Graig Chow, Christopher P. Plant, and Daniel N. Allen

Sport-Related Concussion Reporting and Coach-Athlete Attachment Among Collegiate Student-Athletes
Jeffrey J. Milroy, Stephen Hebard, Emily Kroshus, and David L. Wyrick

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