Journal of Amateur Sport, Volume 3, 2017, No 3: Family Issues in Amateur Athletics

Special issue: Family Issues in Amateur Athletics

Special Issue Co-Editors Travis E. Dorsch and Jodan A. Blazo

Parent-Child Communication in Sport: Integrating Theory into Research
Marshall X. Grimm, Elizabeth Dorrance Hall, C. Ryan Dunn, and Travis E. Dorsch

Enhancing the Transfer of Life Skills from Sport-based Youth Development Programs to School, Family, and Community Settings
Jennifer M. Jacobs, Michael Lawson, Victoria Nicole Ivy, and Kevin R. Richards

Parenting and Motocross: The Whoops and Downs
Marissa E. Holst and Greta L. Stuhlsatz

The Experience of Parent/Coaches in Youth Sport: A Qualitative Exploration of Junior Australian Football
Samuel K. Elliott and Murray Drummond

Family Relationships and Youth Sport: Influence of Siblings and Parents on Youth’s Participation, Interests, and Skills
Keith V. Osai and Shawn D. Whiteman

Parental Involvement in the Lives of Intercollegiate Athletes: Views from Student-Athletes and Academic Advisors for Athletics
Megan L. Parietti, Sue Sutherland, and Donna L. Pastore

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