International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, Volume 10, 2018, Issue 4: Theory and Methods


Open Access
Theory and methods in sport policy and politics research
Jonathan Grix, Iain Lindsey, Veerle De Bosscher & Daniel Bloyce


Open Access
Sport policy analysis revisited: the sport policy process as an interlinked chain of legitimating acts
Anna-Maria Strittmatter, Cecilia Stenling, Josef Fahlén & Eivind Skille

Appropriated authority: a theory of transnational sport governance
Scott R. Jedlicka

Power and domination in sport policy and politics ‒ three intertwined levels of exercising power
Nils Asle Bergsgard

From political sports to sports politics: on political mobilization of sports issues
Ørnulf Seippel, Håvard B. Dalen, Morten R. Sandvik & Gerd Marie Solstad

Deconstructing comparative sport policy analysis: assumptions, challenges, and new directions
Mathew Dowling, Phil Brown, David Legg & Jonathan Grix

A critical realist morphogenetic approach to researching sport policy: reflections on a large-scale study of policy implementation in grassroots English football
Jim Lusted

Analysing sport policy and politics: the promises and challenges of synthesising methodological approaches
Stuart Whigham & Alan Bairner

Sport policy evaluation: what do we know and how might we move forward?
Shushu Chen

Implementing a theory of change approach to research sport participation programmes targeting ‘hard to reach’ groups
Nicola Bolton, Steve Martin, Clive Grace & Sandra Harris

Capturing the realities of sports programmes: systematic ‘messiness’?
John E Daniels, Barbara Bell & Christine Horrocks

Building sport for development practitioners’ capacity for undertaking monitoring and evaluation – reflections on a training programme building capacity in realist evaluation
Kevin Harris

Open Access
Defining and measuring subjective well-being for sport policy
Stefano Testoni, Louise Mansfield & Paul Dolan

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