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Dear colleagues,

We’re writing to make you aware of a new online journal project entitled Oppositional Conversations. Founded by a small group of scholars of color, Oppositional Conversations provides a space for free-flowing, creative exchange and analysis around themes of interest to individual guest editors.  The premiere issue of the journal is available via this link:


We are pleased to share Oppositional Conversations with you and eager to hear your feedback. Please send your comments and questions to comments@oppositionalconversations.org.

Many thanks,
Oppositional Conversations Editorial Board


Oppositional Conversations Issue No. 1 Winter 2012 – 2013. Special Issue: Athletics. Issue Editor: O. Hugo Benavides

Table of Content

Oppositional Conversations Mission Statement


The First Issue: A Comment
Emma Taati

Introduction to Issue No. 1: Athletics
O. Hugo Benavides


Cum Deus Calculat Fit Mundus (When God Plays a World Comes to Be)
Grant Farred

Sports, Race, Sex, and Shame: Rethinking Caster Semenya
Zine Magubane

Football and the Nation: Producing American Culture
O. Hugo Benavides


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Takes Root in the Heartland: A Reflection on the Sense of It
Maurice Stevens

Between Street Culture and Global Sport: Double Dutch’s Turning Points
C. L. Cole and Sarah Projanski


Female Capoeristas: Histories and Legacies (Video)
Dania Martinez

Notes on Contributors

The Next Issue – After Catastrophe: Critical Theories of Trauma

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