Sport Science Review Volume XXI, Issue 5-6

Sista numret för 2012 av Sport Science Review innehåller bland annat en artikel av Karin Moesch på forumets forskarlista.


High-level Coaches’ Perceptions of their Professional Knowledge, Skills, and Characteristics

Blumenstein, Boris / Orbach, Iris / Bar-Eli, Michael / Dreshman, Raya / Weinstein, Yitzhak
Page 5

Age and Gender Specific Variations in Attitudes to Performance Enhancing Drugs and Methods. A Cross-Sectional Study
Singhammer, John
Page 29

Reasons for Career Termination in Danish Elite Athletes: Investigating Gender Differences and the Time-point as Potential Correlates
Moesch, Karin
Page 49

Parental Responses to Professional Behaviors in Coaching and Teaching
Murray, Melissa A. / Bodey, Kimberly J. / Schoenstedt, Linda J. / Dieffenbach, Kristen
Page 69

Modes of Learning Utilized by Coaches to Increase Knowledge and Understanding
Vickers, Brad / Wax, Ben
Page 97

Practice Variability and Training Design: Strategies of Elite Horizontal Jump Coaches
Wu, Will F. W. / Porter, Jared M. / Partridge, Julie A. / Young, Michael A. / Newman, Nick
Page 113

A Lab Study on Speed of Self-defense Skills of American College Men and Women
Yu, Jing / Liu, Liu / Chen, Gong
Page 129

Effectiveness of Classification Measures in Predicting Achievement in the Israel Defence Forces – Fitness Instruction Trainers Courses as a Case Study
Galily, Yair / Kayam, Orly / Bar-Eli, Michael
Page 145

Public Responses to Violence in Quebec Junior Hockey: An Unobtrusive Analysis of the Patrice Cormier-Mikael Tam Incident
Fogel, Curtis A.
Page 173



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