Reminder CfP: The Association for the Study of Sport and the European Union 9th Annual Conference. Deadline Jan. 24

governanceThe Association for the Study of Sport and the European Union (Sport&EU) invites the submission of paper and panel proposals to be considered for the 9th annual conference, entitled Sport Systems and Sport Governance in Europe: Changes, Challenges and Multi-Level Perspectives. The conference is hosted by the German Sport University in Cologne (Germany) between June 26th and 27th June, and co-organised by the Institute for European Sport Development (GSU Cologne) and the Department of Political Science (University of Mainz)

The overall approach of the conference aims to examine if, and to what extent national sport systems in in general and specific sport-related activities in particular have changed. The studies should be pursued at the ‘European’ level as well as the national levels in view of different and common processes of adaptation and reaction. Following this notion the conference will refer to two major research targets: on the one hand, a systematic analysis of sport structures or stake holders in EU countries; and on the other hand, an analysis of specific sport related fields in view of problem solving activities.

The organisers would welcome both panel and paper proposals that address one or more of the main thematic topics identified for the conference:

  • theoretical approaches on sport systems and governance in Europe (Europeanisation, network approaches, governance approaches) that address in particular ongoing changes and the multi-level dimension
  • specialized or comparative studies on national sport systems in Western and (in particular) Eastern Europe
  • studies on governing bodies, federations, associations and clubs in Europe (especially in view new stake holders or the change of traditional stake holders)
  • studies that refer to the intervention of governmental actors as well as studies that address changes in the self-regulation of sport
  • policy and law related debates
  • mega sport events and the role of governmental and non-governmental actors
  • the future of sport systems and sport governance in Europe

The impending FIFA World Championship 2014 staging in Brazil will provide the conference with a specific momentum since it will offer a perfect platform to discuss both soccer related aspects and general features of sport in Europe. We also welcome other subjects not outlined above and research notes.

As it is tradition in Sport&EU, papers and panels with an interdisciplinary approach are encouraged, whilst graduate/Ph.D. students and emerging scholars are also urged to submit works in progress. Panels and papers that do not fall within the main themes might also be considered, but preference is given to these topics. In line with Sport&EU’s traditional policy of promoting gender equality, female academics and/or practitioners are especially encouraged to send their proposals. Papers with a focus on gender equity in sport are also appreciated.

  • For single paper proposals, send a 300 word abstract, together with a short biography and your contact details.
  • For panel proposals (maximum of 3 papers per panel) send (in a single document) a 300 word panel abstract, together with a 250 word abstract for each paper. Please also include a chair for the panel (if you cannot find a suitable chairperson we will allocate one) and a biographic note for each presenter. All paper and panel proposals should clearly indicate which one of the thematic topics they address.

Proposals should be sent by email to the local organisers at the following addresses:


Succesful paper givers will be informed by 28th February 2014.

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