Call for Papers | “Sport Economics Issues Facing Asian Sport Industry” | Special issue of Journal of Global Sport Management. Call ends February 1, 2018

Journal of Global Sport Management, in cooperation with the 2017 Conference of the International Association of Sports Economists (IASE) at Shanghai, China

Background and Scope of Research for the Special Issue

The scholarship in sport management and sports economics is deeply rooted in a Western context, with studies focused mostly on analyzing various aspects of North American and European sport systems. Such concentration, however, has led to a lack of scholarship focused on Asian and other regions of the world. At the same time, Asia has also grown to be of great importance in the current global sport system, as the continent boasts the highest population in the world, and is widely viewed as being a critical marketplace for sport organizations to successfully grow their brands. This is certainly evidenced by the fact that the Asian continent will host the next three Olympic Games (2018 Pyeongchang, 2020 Tokyo, 2022 Beijing), the 2022 FIFA World Cup (Qatar), and numerous exhibition games featuring prominent professional and collegiate sport teams from established leagues in North America and Europe. Furthermore, it is also important to note that Asia also is host to numerous popular domestic sport leagues, ranging from established professional baseball leagues in South Korea and Japan, to up-and-coming eSports competitions.

However, despite the importance that Asia plays in the sport marketplace, there is still relatively few studies that focus on sport in an Asian context. Thus, this special issues seeks to serve as a venue to help highlight and showcase research which advances and enhances and the understanding of sport in Asia. This special issue will broadly cover topics in sports economics and sport management within Asia, and is open to submissions from various disciplines.

Indicative areas of interest include, but are not restricted to:

    • Consumer Behavior
    • Competitive Balance
    • Asia and the Olympic Movement
    • Demand for Sport
    • Financial Performance
    • Team/Organizational Performance
    • Player/Coaches Wages and Performance
    • Asian Sport Labor Market
    • Investment in Asian Sport (Leagues, youth development, etc)
    • Gambling and Betting Markets
    • Globalization and Asian Sport
    • And so forth

About IASE Conference

The International Association of Sports Economists (IASE) is the pioneering scientific society in the field of sports economics. IASE was established in July 1999 in Limoges (France) on the initiative of the Centre for Law and Economics in Sport (Centre de Droit et d’Economie du Sport, CDES). Right from the start, the profile and focus of IASE was developed across the triangle of economic pluralism, theory-practice dialogue, and universal scope. The current IASE holds international conferences in sports economics and sponsors periodic seminars. The conferences bring together and extend the reach of researchers in all areas of sports economics, whereas seminars and workshops aim to stimulate research and debate on challenging topics in sport policy.

Submission Guidelines

Deadline for full paper submission: February 1, 2018

Read the full instructions for authors before submitting. Submissions should be made electronically via the journal’s online submission system, ScholarOne.

Authors should indicate during the electronic submission steps that the submission is to be considered for the Special Issue on “Sports Economics Issues Facing Asian Sport Industry.”

A preference is for empirical papers, but theoretical/conceptual papers will be considered equally if they provide a major advancement of understanding.

Any questions or to submit abstracts for feedback – please contact the Guest Editors, or the Editor-in-Chief of the journal.

Editorial information

Special Issue Guest Editor: Young Hoon Lee, Professor, Department of Economics, Sogang University, Korea (
Special Issue Guest Editor: Nicholas M. Watanabe, Assistant Professor, Sport and Entertainment Management, University of South Carolina, USA (
Editor-in-Chief: Kihan Kim, Professor, Seoul National University, Korea (

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