Call for Papers | Digital Marketing in Sports: Global Perspectives, new title in the WASM Book Series. Call ends November 15, 2021

      • Brandon Mastromartino, Southern Methodist University
      • James J. Zhang, University of Georgia

Today, digital marketing has become an integral element of the marketing mix employed by mainstream businesses, which utilizes online based platforms and technology to promote products, increase brand awareness, and build relationships with consumers. Consistent with this trend, digital marketing has played a pivotal role in business strategies of sport organizations, teams, athletes, and events. While fans watch games on TV, they are often on another device, engaging with others in conversation and information sharing via digital platforms such as instant messaging, social media, and other digital outlets. This form of concurrent communications has provided sport related brands with opportunities to connect with their consumers in real time and engage in meaningful relationship building with a fanbase. Although sport brands have been engaging their fans through digital marketing for some time, with a constantly changing market environment and crowded digital landscape, sport organizations consistently face new challenges and roadblocks.

Much unknowns about this contemporary topic in conjunction of digital technology and sport marketing remain to be explored, understood, synthesized, and analyzed. This book provides an opportunity to add to our theoretical and practical understanding of digital marketing in sports through studying contemporary development, critical issues, challenges, opportunities, and best practices throughout a global landscape. As a part of the WASM book series of research papers that are published by Routledge (i.e., the book branch of Taylor & Francis, Inc.), this book provides an opportunity for scholars and practitioners to review, comprehend, and/or analyze various topic areas relating to digital marketing in sports (e.g., social media, online advertising, digital analytics, content marketing, influencer marketing, online PR and communications). Inquiries into a variety of perspectives of digital marketing in sports and coherently presenting the information in a book format are deemed helpful for fostering systematic development and comprehension of knowledge on the topic and enhancing effective applications in professional practices.

Book Structure

      • There are 15 chapters in the book by following the APA (7th edition) format, with word limit of 6,000 to 10,000 words in each chapter. Tables, figures, and a list of references are a part of the total word count.
      • The content of an article may take on one or more of the following formats:
          • Conceptual paper
          • Systematic review of literature
          • Empirical investigation of any methodology
          • Reasoning and documentation of best practices
          • Historical analysis
          • Case analysis
          • Trend and forecasting analyses
          • Other original, creative, or innovative idea and approach not covered above
      • List of references by following the APA (7th edition) format.

Call for Submissions

      • The co-editors are seeking for contributions. Interested scholars are encouraged to first contact the lead editor (i.e., Dr. Brandon Mastromartino) with topic ideas so as to avoid content redundancy.
      • Deadline of submission: November 15, 2021
      • Submissions should be made to Dr. Brandon Mastromartino via email (
      • For questions about this book, please feel free to contact any of the co-editors.

Dr. Brandon Mastromartino
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX, USA

Dr. James J. Zhang
University of Georgia
Athens, GA, USA

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