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    Call for Chapters | Participatory Research in Sport and Exercise, Edited Volume | Call ends June 1, 2022

    In this edited volume, we bring together chapters from a variety of experts to critically discuss the practicalities of “doing” participatory research in sport and exercise. The focus on “how to” conduct this kind of research is novel and represents an important resource for students and researchers interested in diverse approaches to knowledge production. The volume will be a timely and useful resource for a variety of graduate level methodology courses in these disciplines.

    Call for Abstracts | Cultures of Mountain Biking in Contemporary Societies | Edited Book Collection, Routledge

    When positioned alongside the ever-expanding disciplines of lifestyle sport and cycling studies writ large, mountain biking remains conspicuous by its absence. The intention of this collection, which will be the first of its kind, is to showcase and promote the excellent work being done by existing scholars in this field, whilst advancing and stretching our conceptual and empirical understanding of contemporary mountain bike culture(s).

    Call for Papers | The History of Women’s football in Britain and Ireland between 1845 and 1990 | Call ends January 2, 2022

    Dr Fiona Skillen (Glasgow Caledonian University), Dr Gary James (De Montfort University) and Helena Byrne are proposing an edited collection on the history of the growth and development of women’s football in Britain and Ireland between 1845 and 1990. We are therefore asking for abstracts from interested authors by January 2nd, 2022. We are interested in receiving abstracts on a variety of topics.

    Call for Papers | Pedagogic Cases for Event Management and Event Tourism – Part of the Book Series Theory & Methods in Event Management & Tourism (Goodfellow Publishers) | Call...

    The collection will enable event management educators and learners to get access to a variety of teaching and learning practices. The scope of the case may vary contingent on the theory applied, the extent for use in a classroom, and pedagogical requisites. The goal is to be inclusive and comprise as many cases covering from a critical perspective various policy, functional and operational issues of event management and/or its intersection with tourism.

    Call for Papers | Football and Diaspora: Connecting Dispersed Communities through the Global Game, Edited Volume | Call ends December 15, 2021

    The editors seek manuscripts that critically engage issues related to football/soccer and diaspora. This may include topics that heighten our understanding of: (a) migration, acculturation, and assimilation; (b) sport, identity, and representation; (c) the construction and accomplishment of nationality; (d) sport and football fandom; (e) and nationhood, citizenship, and politics. We welcome cross-disciplinary research from anthropological, communication, cultural, historical, psychological, political and sociological perspectives.

    Call for Papers | College Sports and Ethics, an edited collection by Chad Carlson and Shawn E. Klein, published by Lexington Books | Call ends November 1, 2021

    This collected volume focuses on foundational ethical issues in college sports, including the fit of intercollegiate sports with the university and the question of professionalism. It will also tackle several important ethical topics that pertain particularly to college sports, such as athletes’ rights and recruitment.It brings together top scholars of sport to examine college sports and analyze the important ethical issues in college sport. We invite you to submit a proposal to contribute as well.

    Call for Papers | Essay collection on the history of sport in Berlin | Call ends November 15, 2021

    This essay collection will explore Berlin as a sports city, and the history of sport in Berlin, from a range of historical perspectives (political, social, cultural, diplomatic, environmental, global, media, and others). While we welcome submissions pertaining to Berlin’s history as a host of sport mega-events, we also encourage submissions pertaining to lesser-known histories of sport and physical activity in Berlin.

    Call for Contributors | Handbook of Women’s Football: Science, performance and health, to be published by Routledge. Call ends September 30, 2021

    The Handbook of Women’s Football provides a thorough, yet straightforward and accessible, analysis of the key physiological, biomechanical and psychological issues that can be applied to achieve footballing development and success as a woman. A key feature of the book is that each chapter is co-written by a scholar and a practitioner or player (e.g., coach, footballer), so that scientific principles and research are translated clearly into practice.

    Call for Papers | Sports Marketing and Sponsorship: Global Perspectives and Emerging Trends, to be published by Routledge. Call ends January 31, 2022

    There are many contemporary issues facing the sports industry today. For example, the sports industry, like many other industries, are going digital. There is a lot of interest in understanding how artificial intelligence and big data can be harnessed in sports marketing activities. Social media, as a new marketing communication platform, is upsetting traditional marketing practices, and brand owners are still learning how to use it effectively.

    Call for Chapter Proposals | Social Issues in Esports, to be published with Routledge. Call ends September 27, 2021

    The editor of this anthology invites previously unpublished papers on social issues in esports. The book is signed for publication with Routledge and already includes 14 chapters organised in four thematic parts: 1) Integrity issues, 2) Physical and mental health, 3) Gender, ethnicity, and social inequality, 4) Ethics and policy. The editor is seeking proposals for chapters that may add to the themes included in this collection.
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