Call for Papers | “Crime and misconduct in sport” | Special Issue of Sport in Society. Call ends April 15, 2019 

Special Issue Editors

  • Terry Engelberg (CQUniversity Australia)
  • Stephen Moston (CQUniversity, Australia)

Sport is officially recognised as having an important social function and as a powerful cultural force. Through participation in sport, people learn attitudes, behaviours and social norms, and while it is commonly assumed that such outcomes will be positive, there is an increasing body of evidence to suggest that sport exerts a negative influence. Research on the possible negative impact of sport has been described as dark side research, that is, research on phenomena that many wish did not exist. Sporting authorities often shun dark side research because it presents them with a dilemma: conduct research and find a problem or do nothing and there is no problem. There is a growing body of (mainly anecdotal) evidence that prompts the question: is sport the cure, or is it the cause? Papers from different disciplines and perspectives are invited, with a focus on – but not limited to – the following themes: 

    • Discrimination
    • Doping
    • Fraud
    • Hazing
    • Hooliganism
    • Illegal gambling
    • Match-fixing
    • Sexual assault
    • Sexual harassment
    • Spectator/fan perceptions
    • Violence within the context of games

The timetable for the special issue is as follows: 

    • Submission of papers: April 15 2019 
    • Papers returned to authors following blind peer review: Early July 2019 
    • Resubmission of papers: End of September 2019 
    • Final decision on papers: End of November 2019 
    • Publication date: Early 2020 

All manuscript submissions must adhere to the Sport in Society ‘Guide for Authors’ 

To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for review in relation to the special issue it is important the authors select ‘Crime and misconduct in sport’ when they reach the ‘Article Type’ step in the submission process. 

Editorial information


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