Call for Paper | Diversity, Equality, and Inclusivity in the Global Sport Community, edited collection | Call ends June 1, 2023


    • Demetrius W. Pearson, University of Houston
    • Kirstin Hallmann, German Sport University Cologne
    • James J. Zhang, University of Georgia
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Diversity, equality, and inclusivity have received considerable attention within mainstream broadcast and print media outlets due in part to several horrific episodes of violence in the United States and around the world. However, the quest for change internationally has piqued the interest of individuals seeking a sense of empowerment through myriad social entities. Sports have become an integral component globally to affect change. Even though more individuals than in the past have become involved in organized sports and other forms of physical activities (e.g., recreation, wellness) (Oostrom et al., 2019), and more resources than ever have been invested in the sport marketplace (Research & Markets, 2022), there are still disenfranchised groups currently relegated to the margins who wish to be actively involved as well. This includes, but not limited to, individuals and groups whose race, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, and religious orientations have inhibited such activities. Thus, aconcerted global effort must be undertaken to address the needs of the many individuals desirous of sport and physical activity participation.

The hunger and thirst for sport physical activities of all kinds among diverse populations globally have been demonstrated via the increasing numbers in highly structured competitions such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Special Olympics, Gay Games, and Senior Games to name a few. Yet, others choosing less competitive sport and physical activities seek inclusion as well. This book provides an opportunity for scholars to contribute to our theoretical and applied understanding of the many ways in which sport and physical activities can be engaged in by diverse groups globally. Through the WASM book series, published by Routledge, (i.e., a branch of Taylor & Francis, Inc.), both scholars and practitioners can contribute to the conversation regarding participation opportunities for individuals worldwide. In essence, this book seeks to incorporate voices from around the world in an effort to enlighten readers on what diversity, equality, and inclusivity can reflect in a contemporary global society.

Book Structure

  • There will be 15 chapters in the book following the APA (7th edition) format, with word limits from 6,000 to 10, 000 words in each chapter. Tables, figures, and references are part of the total word count.
  • The content of an article may take on one or more of the following formats:
      • Conceptual paper
      • Systematic review of literature
      • Empirical investigation of any methodology
      • Reasoning and documentation of best practices
      • Historical analysis
      • Case analysis
      • Trend and forecasting analyses
      • Other original, creative, or innovative idea and approach not covered above
  • List references and in-text citations according to APA (7th edition) format.

Call for Submissions

  • The co-editors are soliciting contributions. Interested scholars and practitioners are encouraged to first contact the lead editor (i.e., Dr. Demetrius Pearson) with topic ideas so as to avoid content redundancy.
  • Submission deadline: June 1, 2023
  • Submissions should be made to Dr. Demetrius Pearson via email (
  • For questions about this book, please feel free to contact any of the co-editors.

Dr. Demetrius W. Pearson
University of Houston, Houston, TX, USA (
Dr. Kirstin Hallmann
German Sport University, Cologne, Germany (
Dr. James J. Zhang
University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA (

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