Call for Contributions to new anthology: Sport Entrepreneurship and Innovation by Vanessa Ratten & Joao Ferreira, eds.

Sport Entrepreneurship and Innovation, edited by Vanessa Ratten and Joao Ferreira, will be published by Routledge in 2016. Abstracts are due on September 30th 2015; final papers due on December 15th 2015.

Editors Vanessa Ratten and Joao Ferreira.

This edited research book is about the role of entrepreneurship and innovation in the sports context. The book will include international authors focusing on topics such as the role of entrepreneurial marketing in sport, how technological innovation has changed the way sport is played and viewed, the globalization of sport as a product and service, the new types of sports that have emerged, athlete entrepreneurs and their related business endeavors and how sport influences innovation in other industries.

Potential authors are encouraged to submit an abstract, and then full paper on any of the following topics that have a focus on sport entrepreneurship and innovation:

    • Sport entrepreneurship, sport innovation, sport marketing
    • Risk taking in sport, new business development in the sports context
    • Sport franchises, fantasy sport
    • Innovations in sport clothing, technology and products
    • Emerging sports such as adventure and extreme sports, internationalization of sports
    • Sport public/private partnerships, sports financing
    • Sports broadcasting, media, sport education

Please email abstracts and/or full papers to and


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