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    Sports Innovation Journal, Volume 1, 2020

    The Sports Innovation Journal (SIJ) brings together researchers and practitioners dedicated to publishing research that informs the development of innovative ideas to move the sports industry forward through collaboration, access, and relevancy. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: COVID-19: RETURN TO YOUTH SPORTS: PREPARING SPORTS VENUES AND EVENTS FOR THE RETURN OF YOUTH SPORTS by David Pierce, Jessi Stas, Kevin Feller, William Knox.

    Disputation | Idrott som medel – inte som mål: Förutsättningar för socialt entreprenörskap inom idrott av Daniel Bjärsholm, Malmö universitet, den 7 februari 2020

    The aim of this compilation thesis is to examine and analyze the preconditions for conducting social entrepreneurship in sport. In sum, the thesis contributes with empirical examples of social entrepreneurial sport organisations; a theoretical understanding of the “social” dimension of social entrepreneurship in sport; an ethical discussion on the role of researchers; and a starting point when discussing the Swedish government support for sport.

    Call for Papers | “Sport, fitness and lifestyle entrepreneurship”. Special Issue of International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal. Call ends March 30, 2019

    The aim of this special journal issue is to focus on how sport entrepreneurship is related to the fitness and lifestyle entrepreneurship, emphasising the way sport fits into individuals lifestyles based on cultural and social trends. Thus, the issue will be the first to explicitly focus on how sport, fitness and lifestyle entrepreneurship need to be integrated in order to advance the entrepreneurship literature. 

    Call for Papers | “Sport, fitness and lifestyle entrepreneurship” | Special Issue of International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal. Call ends March 30, 2019

    Sport entrepreneurship is rapidly gaining ascendancy as a legitimate sub-area of entrepreneurship that combines health, wellness and fitness aspects that are increasingly important in today’s global society. The aim of this special journal issue is to focus on how sport entrepreneurship is related to the fitness and lifestyle entrepreneurship.

    Call for papers | Endring, innovasjon og omstilling i idrett | Bodø 22–23 november 2017. Call ends 2017-09-14

    Under årets NEON-konferanse i Bodø arrangeres en egen sesjon om idrett. Tema for årets idrettssesjonen er ‘Endring, innovasjon og omstilling i idrett’. Norsk og internasjonal idrett står i dag ovenfor store endringer, eksempelvis i form av økt kommersialisering og sportifisering, økende grad av profesjonalisering og fremvekst av nye idrettsaktiviteter.

    Call for Papers | International Scientific Conference on Applied Sports Science (ISCASS) | October 12–14, Alexandria, Egypt

    Sports evolve over time, new technology and science play a pivotal role in these changes by providing athletes and coaches with important information about nutrition and training. It also helps in analyzing this information, which ultimately enhances athletic performance in sports. ISCASS is dedicated to the study of current challenges and future focused ideas in physical sports, sports education and its applied science.

    Call for Papers | “Entrepreneurship and Sport Policy” | Special issue of International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics

    Papers are invited for this special issue focusing on entrepreneurship and its linkage to sport policy and politics. Sport entrepreneurship is a growing area of research which not only has practical implications for policy-makers at the sub-national, national and international government levels, but which also has implications for policy analysis.

    Call for Contributions to new anthology: Sport Entrepreneurship and Innovation by Vanessa Ratten & Joao Ferreira, eds.

    Sport Entrepreneurship and Innovation, edited by Vanessa Ratten and Joao Ferreira, will be published by Routledge in 2016. Abstracts are due on September 30th 2015; final papers due on December 15th 2015.

    Forskarprofil | Hans Lundberg, Linnéuniversitetet

    Befattning Fil dr, Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden Officer of European Academy of Management (EURAM), Brussels, Belgium Adress Linnéuniversitetet, 351 95 Växjö Forskningsinriktning Företagsekonomi, inriktning entreprenörskap från konstruktionistiska utgångspunkter. Pågående projekt Nyligen avslutat projekt Publikationer Kommunikativt entreprenörskap: Underhållningsidrott som totalupplevelse före, under och efter formeringen av den svenska upplevelseindustrin 1999–2008 Växjö: Växjö University Press 2009 (Acta Wexionensia Nr 182/2009) På Masskommunicerad underhållningsidrott som koncentrerad livsförenkling: Om idrottens konceptuella gränser...
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