Online Learning in Swedish Physical Education and Health during COVID-19: An Opportunity for a Changed Teaching Practice?

Annie Andersson & Emelie Liljeström
Department of Sport Science, Linnaeus University, Sweden

The Swedish school is supposed to strengthen the students’ digital competence. This also applies to the subject of physical education and health (PEH), a subject where teachers have been criticized for being single minded in their teaching. During spring 2020, teachers in upper secondary schools were forced to conduct their teaching online due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of this study was to understand and highlight in what ways the forced digitalization has affected and challenged the traditional teaching practices among upper secondary school teachers in PEH. To fulfill the aim a qualitative method was chosen. Eight teachers from different schools and cities were interviewed. The interviews were semi-structured and categorized into two themes: lesson content and digitalization, before, during and after the forced digitalization. The interview material was analyzed using the study’s theoretical framework: the sociocultural perspective and TPACK. The results show that online teaching to some extent was challenging for the teachers but that it also led to changed teaching practices.

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ANNIE ANDERSSON is a teacher in PEH and psychology, and is currently working as a teacher in upper secondary school. She has a background in sports medicine.

EMELIE LILJESTRÖM is a certified PEH teacher. She is currently teaching at an upper secondary school in Borås. Emelie has a background in coaching two different floorball teams.



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