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Agergaard, Sine & Lars Tore Ronglan Player Migration and Talent Development in Elite Sports Teams: A comparative analysis of inbound and outbound career trajectories in Danish and Norwegian women’s handball (published 150428  in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum, Vol 6, 2015)
Alsiö, Martin The Hooligans’ Death List: A global search for accountability between accidents and intentions (published 130118)
Alsiö, Martin Why Hooligans Love Their Soccer (published 130208)
Alsiö, Martin Suggestions on hooliganism: Global Inspirations and a Theory of Non-Violence (published 130321)
Andersen, Tanja ThinggaardMalene Norup Stolpe Body Awareness on the School Timetable (180925)
Andreasson, Jesper Between Performance  and Beauty: Towards a sociological understanding of trajectories to drug use in a gym and bodybuildning context (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum, Vol 4, 2013)
Andreasson, Jesper & Thomas Johansson From exercise to “exertainment”: Body techniques and body philosophies within a differentiated fitness culture (published 150513  in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum, Vol 6, 2015)
Andrén-Sandberg, Åke Nordic Conference on Steroids Abuse 2007 (published 080123)
Becker-Larsen, Astrid, Kristoffer Henriksson & Natalia Stambulova “Organizing for Excellence”: Stress-Recovery States in the Danish National Orienteering Team during a Training Camp and the 2015 World Championship ((published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 8, 2017)
Bennike, Søren, René Andersen, Henriette Folkmann Hansen & Laila Ottesen The management and preparation of ‘street ministers of health’ are essential: An interview with a practitioner on the process of preparing instructors who are about to implement team sport on prescription in a Danish municipally organised prevention centre (180530)
Bennike, SørenNikolaj Schelde & Adam B. Evans The diversity of organised grassroots football in Denmark (200908)
Bjørner, Tomas ‘You’ve been in the house too long, she said, and I naturally fled’: An analysis of habitus among Danish e-sport players (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 5, 2014)
Bladh, Greta Hard Body 2.0 – The Construction of the Fitness Subject: An Analysis of Swedish Fitness Blogs (150224)
Brackenridge, Celia Children’s Rights in Football: Welfare and Work (published110608)
Bredahl, Thomas Gjelstrup & Kirsten Kaya Roessler Prescribed Exercise and Behavioural Change: The Influence of Self-efficacy, Stages of Change, and Social Relations (published 110126)
Bäckström, Åsa, Mikael Quennerstedt, Ninitha Maivorsdotter & Jane Meckbach Routes and roots to knowing in Shaun White’s snowboarding road trip: A mycorrhizaic approach to multisensory emplaced learning in exergames (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum 191125)
Carlsson, Bo & Kristin Fransson Youth Sports, Official Sports Policy, and Children’s Rights in Society (published 051130)
Carlsson, Bo & Martin Svensson Masterchef and the ‘Sportification’ of Popular Culture… and Society (150930)
Daudi, Aurélien Thus spoke Monica Aldama: Cheerleading and Nietzschean transcendence (ENG 200609)
Day, Simon & Elsa Kristiansen An inferiority complex: Managing semi-professional clubs (170428)
Dolles, Harald, Hallgeir GammelsæterOskar Solenes & Solveig Straume The Janus-faced relationship value of professional sports clubs: A study of Molde Football Club, Norway (published 2016-05-09, in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol 7, 2016)
Dumas, Alex & Sophie Laforest Intergenerational Conflict: What can skateboarding tell us about the struggles for legitimacy in the field of sports? (published 080409)
Eichberg, Henning How to Study Body Culture: Observing Human Practice (published 070606)
Eichberg, Henning Pyramid or Democracy in Sports? Alternative Ways in European Sport Policies (published 080206)
Eichberg, Henning The Body, the Power, and the People: New Perspectives of Body Politics (published 080319)
Eichberg, Henning “Fit for Consumption” – about the social production of the individual (published 081001)
Eichberg, Henning Review Essay: Individuals? Factors? Definitions? The sociological abstraction of the body (published 2014-11-10, in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol 5, 2014)
Ekholm, David Research on Sport as a Means of Crime Prevention in a Swedish Welfare Context: A Literature Review (published 131017  in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum, Vol 4, 2013)
Enoksen, Eystein, Per Göran Fahlström, Bjørn Tore Johansen, Carl-Axel Hageskog, Jens Behrend Christensen & Rune Høigaard Perceptions of leadership behavior and the relationship to athletes among ­Scandinavian coaches (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 5, 2014)
Ericsson, Ingegerd & Magnus K. Karlsson Daily Physical Education Improves Motor Skills and School Performance: A Nine-Year Prospective Intervention Study (published 120509)
Ericsson, Ingegerd Effects of increased physical education and motor skills acquisition on scholastic performance (published 170907)
Fasting, Kari Research on Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sport (published 050405)
Fasting, K., C. Brackenridge & G. Kjølberg Using Court Reports to Enhance Knowledge of Sexual Abluse in Sport: A Norwegian Case Study (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 4, 2013)
Fasting, Kari, Mari Kristin Sisjord & Trond Svela Sand Norwegian Elite-Level Coaches: Who Are They? (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 8, 2017, 2017-04-18)
Fransson, Kristin Children’s Sport, a Question of Rights? Children, Childhood and the Swedish Sports Movement (published 090429)
Gerth, Julius, Anders Raustorp & Andreas Fröberg Physical Activity Intensity Distribution during Physical Education among Swedish Upper Secondary School Students. Published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 10, 2019 (190923)
Graffman-Sahlberg, Marie, Gunilla Brun Sundblad & Suzanne Lundvall Learning health in Swedish physical education: A critical case study of students’ encounters with physical fitness and health as a learning object (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum 191118)
Grahn, Karin Interpretative repertoires of performance: Shaping gender in swimming (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 6, 2015)
Greenfield, Steve & Guy Osborn  The Role of Law within Sport (published 030622)
Grujoska, Isabella & Bo Carlsson Sport for Life: Sport as a Tool for Development (published 071107)
Hagen, Ruben V. & Shaun M. Phillips Reliability of Self-Regulated Repeated Sprint Performance in Male Professional Football Players (180316)
Hanstad, Dag Vidar & Eivind ÅSkille Does Elite Sport Develop Mass Sport? A Norwegian Case Study (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 1, 2010)
Hasselgård, Anders & Andreas Selliaas Norwegian Human Rights Organisations and the Olympic Games (published 140128 in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 5, 2014)
Haugsbakken, Halvdan El Espectáculo, a Deep Play: The FC Barcelona and Real Madrid Rivalry in Basketball (published 080305)
Havelund, Jonas, Neil Williams, Anders Almgren & Filip Lundberg Verendel “Decidedly frosty”: Conflict and cooperation in the management of Swedish elite football matches (191023)
Hedenborg, Susanna The Popular Horse: From Army and Agriculture to Leisure (published 071121)
Hedenborg, Susanna & Gertrud Pfister Écuyères and “doing gender”: Presenting Femininity in a Male Domain – Female Circus Riders 1800–1920 (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 3, 2012)
Hedenborg, Susanna “… and Allah took a handful of Southerly wind… and created the horse”: The history of international equestrian sports (140613)
Hellborg, Anna Maria The challenges of Women’s Professional Soccer in the USA: A theoretically and empirically informed discussion (published 121126)
Henriksen, Kristoffer & Janne Mortensen Reality and Dreams: A Comparison of Elite Athletes’ Lived Career Paths with Young Talented Athletes’ Imagined Career Paths (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 5, 2014)
Hertting, Krister & Inger Karlefors Entrance into Swedish Children’s Sports: Newly-migrated children’s perspective (160125)
Hjelm, Jonny The Aristocratic Taste for Sport among Swedish Sport Researchers (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol 8 2017, 2017-03-02)
Hovden, Jorid  From rights-based to utility-oriented equalization: Gender-political discourses in Norwegian sports (published 040420)
Håman, Linn, Natalie Barker-Ruchti, Göran Patriksson & Eva-Carin Lindgren The framing of orthorexia nervosa in Swedish daily newspapers: A longitudinal qualitative content analysis (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 7, 2016)
Ingrell, JoakimMarie Larneby, Urban Johnson & Susanna Hedenborg Student-athletes’ beliefs about athletic ability: A longitudinal and mixed method gender study. Published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 10, 2019 (190610)
Jakobsen, Arne Martin How can a Sports Team Go From Good to Great and Then Turn Great Results into Enduring Great Results (131212)
Jamieson, Duncan The Eclectic Bicycle (published 170529)
Jamieson, Duncan Fast Women: A Review Essay (190422)
Jensen, Stephanie Y. M. Young Female Elite Athletes in a Meritocracy (171030)
Johnson, Urban Sport Injury, Psychology and Intervention: An overview of empirical findings (published 061011)
Jonsson, Linus, Natalia Stambulova, Karin Weman-Josefsson & Athanasios G. Papaioannou Exploring exercise behavior and well-being of Swedish university students: A self-determination perspective (published 130416)
Junghagen, Sven, Simon D. Besjakov & Anders A. Lund Designing Experiences to Increase Stadium Capacity Utilisation in Football (published 2016-10-05, in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol 7, 2016)
Jönsson, Kutte Humans, Horses, and Hybrids: On Rights, Welfare, and Masculinity in Equestrian Sports (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 3, 2012)
Karlefors, Inger & Håkan Larsson Searching for the ’How’: Teaching methods in Swedish physical education (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol 9, 2018-02-23)
Kavoura, Anna, Tatiana V. Ryba, Marja Kokkonen Psychological Research on Martial Artists: A Critical View from a Cultural Praxis Framework (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 3, 2012)
Kay, Joyce A Blinkered Approach? Attitudes Towards Children and Young People in British Horseracing and Equestrian Sport (published 080507)
Kilger, Magnus & Mats Börjesson Searching for Talent: The Construction of Legitimate Selection in Sports (published 151013 in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 6, 2015)
Kilger, Magnus From Hard Work to Grit: On the discursive formation of talent (published 190403 in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 10, 2019)
Kristiansen, Elsa, Eivind Å. Skille & Dag Vidar Hanstad From Community Based Identities to Individual Benefits for Volunteers: A Comparison of Three Sporting Events  (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 5, 2014)
Kronberg, Marie The Future of Football in the European Union – from a Legal Point of View (published 101013)
Lippe, Gerd von der  An Orgy of a Masculine Scandal in Media: The 1954 Football World Cup (published 040518)
Loland, Sigmund  Technology in Sport: Three Ideal-Typical Views and Their Implications(published 031009)
Lund, Ole, Susanne Ravn & Mette Krogh Christensen Learning by Joining the Rhythm: Apprenticeship Learning in Elite Double Sculls Rowing (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 3, 2012)
Lundquist Wanneberg, Pia Sport’s Moral Contracts: An Analysis of Swedish Sport 1930 to 1950 (150522)
Lundvall, Suzanne “It’s really about understanding human beings…”: Exploring PE teachers’ perception of working in multicultural schools (published 060517)
McDonald, Ian One-Dimensional Sport (published 071212)
McDowell, Matthew L. Queen’s Park FC in Copenhagen, 1898–1903: Paradoxes in Early Transnational Amateurism (140514)
McGuinness, Mike Some Reflections on Representations of the English Football Team through Ephemera from the 1966 World Cup to the Present (110330)
Madsen, Erik, Sammyh Khan, Neil Williams & Jonas Havelund Swedish Supporter Liaison Officers in Action (190226)
Manoli, Argyro Elisavet The football industry through traditional management theories (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol 5, 2014)
Mashreghi, Sepandarmaz Decolonizing Sport and Exercise Psychology Within a European Context: A Critical Overview (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum 200522)
Mau, Martin, Kirstine Wehner Rasmussen, Mikkel Jacobsen & Kirsten K. Roessler Walking against depression – a brief report (200526)
Meckbach, Jane A Study of PE Teachers from Different Environments in Sweden published 060315)
Melin, Roger Instrumentalization of the Body in Sports (131118)
Melin, Roger Technology and the Existential Element in Sport (181206)
Mindegaard, Peter Towards New Forms of Popular Fooball? (published 070606)
Moen, Frode & Camilla Fikse Elite Coaches’ Perceptions of Needed Coach Competencies in Elite Sport (published 110921)
Moen, Frode & Kristin Garland Subjective Beliefs Among Sport Coaches About Communication During Practice (publicerad i Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol 3, 2012)
Nesse, Martin, Jan Erik Ingebrigdsen & Tomas Peterson Organisational knowledge creation in Norwegian football: From talk to text (published 171012)
Netland, Katrine O., Vidar Schei & Therese E. Sverdrup The Winner Takes All: A Qualitative Study of cooperation on Cycling Teams (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 3, 2012)
Nielsen, Line M., Walter Staiano, Ulrich Kirk & Kristoffer Henriksen Less Talk and More Action Please: Youth National Team Handball Players’ Experiences of a Mindfulness Training Program (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 11, 2020, 200918)
Nilsson, Lina CSR in Swedish Football: A multiple case study of four clubs in Allsvenskan (published 190524)
Nordin, Sanna Whatever “It” is, it’s Not Simple: A Review of Four Books on Talent (published 090923)
Næss, Hans Erik Sensory Ethnographies of Sport: Three Methodological Considerations (Published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 8 2017)
Ottesen, Claus Løgstrup & Jesper von Seelen Physically Active Lessons in Secondary School: An Intervention Study (190325)
Palmås, Karl Bodies Without Bodhis: Towards a Philosophy of Surfing (published 130123)
Perenyi, Szilvia Value Preferences of the Physically Active and Non-Active Hungarian Youth Population (published 081029)
Peterson, Tomas The Professionalization of Sport in the Scandinavian Countries (published 080220)
Peterson, Tomas Swedish Soccer is Searching for Talent but Finding Age (pfd-file published 090429)
Peterson, Tomas The double articulation of the Relative Age Effect on Swedish Football players (141216)
Peterson, Tomas et al. Malmö Youth Sport Study: A longitudinal study of a secondary school in Malmö, Sweden, specializing in physical activity and sports (171204)
Peterson, Tomas & Per Wollmer Who are admitted to a sport school? (200127)
Pfister, Gertrud  A World Power in Women’s Sport – Women Without Power in Sport: Gender, Power and Sport in East Germany (published 031209)
Pfister, Gertrud & Sabine Radtke Sport, Women and Leadership: Selected Results of the German Project “Women taking the Lead” (published 050503)
Preuss, Holger Lasting Effects of Major Sporting Events (published 061213)
Radmann, Aage & Susanna Hedenborg Marketing the Perfect Ride: A Study of the Marketing of Horse Tourism on the Internet (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol 10, 2019)
Ravn, Susanne & Karsten Elmose-Østerlund The formation of interpersonal relationships in dance practice: A mixed-method study of two programmes (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum, Vol. 10, 2019)
Renström, Anna & Staffan Karp Sport for adults: Using frame factor theory to investigate the significance of local sports instructors for a new Sport for All programme in Sweden (published 2018-11-21 in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 9, 2018)
Rodis, Anastasios G. Swedish Swimmers’ Perception of Parental Involvement (131126)
Rogstad, Egil Trasti Virtual Light in the Sports Blackout: An enduring boost of virtual sports or just a temporary respite? (ENG 201008)
Romar, Jan-Erik, John Henriksson, Kent Ketomäki & Peter Hastie Teachers’ Learning Experiences with the Sport Education Model in Physical Education (published 160314 in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 7 2016)
Roscher, Monika Forming of Aesthetic Judgements in Movement (published 090923)
Roscher, Monika Gender as Experience: Transcending Female and Male Expression in Sports (published 100127)
Rosenkilde, Nicolai, Nikolaj Christiansen & Niels Nygaard Rossing Being in the right place at the right time: Resources and barriers in the transition from youth to senior in a Danish elite football club (190129)
Rämme, Ulf Does Artificial Turf Matter? Estimating the Impact of Artificial Turf on Goal Production and Game Outcomes in Swedish elite football for men (150615)
Silva, Diana Mendes Machado da, João Paulo França Streapco & Paulo Nascimento Nationality and Brazilian Football: Research from the Interdisciplinary Group of Studies on Football (GIEF) (published101124)
Skille, Eivind ÅEthno-politics and state sport policy: The case of how the Sámi Sport Association–Norway challenged the Norwegian confederation of sport’s monopoly for state subsidies to sport (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 3, 2012)
Skille, Eivind Å. & Tor Solbakken The relationship between adolescent sport participation and lifelong participation in physical activity in Norway A Critical Analysis (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 5, 2014)
Skille, Eivind Å., Per Øystein Hansen, Frank Abrahamsen & Stiliani “Ani” Chroni National and Organizational Culture in Norwegian Elite Sport: The Account of National Handball Head Coaches (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 11, 2020)
Skovgaard, Thomas School Swimming in Denmark: A Survey (published 130130)
Skovgaard, Thomas & Kurt Lüders Swimming in Schools: New Danish Directions (131219)
Skovgaard, Thomas Physically active schools 2020: New pathways and possibilities (150318)
Skovhus, Mette & Helle Winther Udvikling af pædagogstuderendes lederskab gennem krop og bevægelse (190125)
Söderström, Tor, Peter Brusvik & Stefan Lund Factors underlying competitive success in youth football: A study of the Swedish national U15 football talent system (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 10, 2019 (ENG 190909)
Tamburrini, Claudio  Educational or genetic blueprints, wtat’s the difference? (published 030606)
Taylor, Matthew Politics and the People’s Game: Football and Political Culture in Twentieth Century Britain (published 070117)
Taylor, Matthew Football, Migration and Globalization: The Perspective of History(published 070314)
Ulseth, Anne-Lene Bakken & Ørnulf Seippel Fitness, Class and Culture: Social Inequality in Fitness Centres (published 111123)
Vamplew, Wray Alcohol and the Sportsperson: An Anomalous Alliance (published 070214)
Vamplew, Wray Child Work or Child Labour? The Caddie Question in Edwardian Golf(published 080423)
Vettenniemi, Erkki Paradise (Totally) Lost: Kalevi Heinilä’s Totalization Theory Revisited(published 100901)
Vettenniemi, Erkki Notes on Nordic Nostalgia: Stockholm 1912 and Helsinki 1952 Revisited (121031)
Voyer, Richard A. Once Upon a Time, a Women’s Golf Tournament: Shenecossett Invitation, 1919–1940 (190928)
Wagner, Ulrik The Publishing Game: The dubious mission of evaluating research and measuring performance in a cross-disciplinary field (published 2016-05-18, in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol 7, 2016)
Walther-Ahrens, Tanja Lesbianism as the Last Taboo in Women’s Football (published 101103)
Weed, Mike Sports Tourism and the Development of Sports Events (published 061213)
Zirin, Dave Calling Sports Sociology Off the Bench (published 081126)
Zuiderveld, Maria Sex, Football and the Media – The Case of South Africa and the 2010 FIFA World Cup  (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 4, 2013)


to-page-topAbstracts in English

Abalo Caldera, Ernesto & Martin Danielsson About Active Men for Active Men: Sports Media and Its Audience (article in Swedish, published 060118)

Alexandersson, Markus Sport movies and patriotism for the benefit of Vladimir Putin (article in Swedish 200610)

Alsarve, DanielJohan Jakobsson & Jens Helgesson Sports Education and the Hegemony of Masculinity: Gender and Influence in Swedish Upper Secondary School Physical Education (article in Swedish, published 171211)
Andersen, Bjarne Tennis – a sport’s development (article in Danish, published 151106)
Andersen, Tanja Thinggaard & Malene Norup Stolpe Body awareness on the timetable (article in Danish, published 180205)
Andersen, Trine Lise The rise and fall of a national coach in football: A study of how a national football coach combines transformational leadership and Machiavellian leadership Published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 11, 2020 (200427)
Andersson, Filip The Swedish under 15 boys’ national team: Ten years of age discrimination (article in Swedish, published 190415)
Apelmo, Elisabet ”Ever since I was a kid, it’s always been football.” About the Construction of Femininity Among Girls Aiming to Compete at the Highest Level of Football (article in Swedish, published 050928)
Apelmo, Elisabet ”Shit, I can make it too”: Gender, Disability and Sporting Bodies (article in Swedish, published 070228)
Aspvik, Nils PetterIngar MehusStig Arve Sæther & Anne Tjønndal Instructional and positive feedback leadership in football. A study of leadership styles among Norwegian male football coaches (article in Norwegian, published 160408)
Baumgarten, Louise Gottlob, Maise Johansen & Helle Winther The Joy of Movement, Delight in Play, and the Energy of Love Between Children at Risk and Their Parents: When family sports support vitally important attachment processes in refugee families (DAN 200616)
Bérczes, Judit The Role of Local Sports Media in the Process of Gender Equality in Sports(article in Swedish, pöublished 061115)
Dahlén, Peter The representation of NHL in ice hockey movies, 1970–2005 (article in Swedish, published171211)
Danielsson, Kalle E-sport – a movement with no movement (article in Swedish, published 051214)
Ekholm, David Sport as a means of responding to social problems: Knowledge and praxis in the intersection of social policy and sport policy (181015)
Elvung, Ellen & Matilda Petersson How much is “most of”? A qualitative study investigating how teachers in Physical Education and Health cope with and interpret borderline cases in assessment and grading (180412)
Ericsson, Ingegerd Motor Observations and School Results (article in Swedish, published 071121)
Ericsson, Ingegerd The importance of physical activity and motor skills competence for learning (article in Swedish, published 180216)
Fundberg, Jesper & Lars Lagergren Can Girls Become Footballers? About formation of gender and (re-)production of inequality (article in Swedish, published 150903)
Grahn, Karin Gender relations in co-ed soccer: Border work and challenges in a secondary school project (article in Swedish, published 171106)
Granberg, Niklas & Nadja Korhonen The Medicalization of Sports A study of the consumption of painkillers in elite team sports (article in Swedish, published 071212)
Granerud, Øivind Dreaming of becoming a top performer in sports: Circumstances that affect the ability to realize the dream (article in Norwegian, published 200420)
Haulan, Christian & Stig Arve Sæther Talent development in football – top-level football clubs vs. youth national teams (article in Norwegian, published 150331)
Hedenborg, Susanna, Annika Rosén, Gabriella Thorell Palmquist, Oskar Solenes & Guro Fiskergård Werner Among tiny tots and minis: Riding school activities for the youngest (201015)
Hjelm, Jonny Sport management and democracy: Demands and challenges of leadership in a multi-sport club (article in Swedish, published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol 9 2018, 2018-05-14)
Holm, Claus & Jens Christian Nielsen Rousseau as response to accelerated talent development (article in Danish, published 151015)
Horgby, Björn & Christer Ericsson Football corporations and democracy (article in Swedish, published 200615)
Högberg, Jan-Ola The Sports Coach as Health Promoter (article in Swedish, published 070328)
Jauring, Patrik & Viktor Andersson Why not make twist bread in the schoolyard? An interview study on successful outdoor education in physical education (article in Swedish, published 190617)
Johansson, Fredrik & Pascal Rotter Nilsson Third Generation Artificial Turf and the Future of Football (article in Swedish, published 051019)
Jonsson, Cecilia, Marie Eriksson & Evelina Källberg Gymnastics girls and hockey chicks – gender in two sports organisations (article in Swedish, published 150414)
Jönsson, Emelie ”We just say hi and welcome! Put on your shoes”: A qualitative study of how sports associations respond to newly arrived immigrants (article in Swedish, published 161116)
Jönsson, Erik Golf and the Golfing Landscape’s Relation to Nature: Donald Trump’s Golf Links in Northern Scotland (article in Swedish, published 090311)
Jönsson, Kutte Sports and interpellation: Coaches’ speech acts in three sports (article in Swedish, published 170605)
Karlsson, Jesper The gender of ice hockey: Perceptions of body and gender in ice hockey as cultural practice (article in Swedish, published 161121)
Lagergren, Lars & Jesper Fundberg Moving into the elite level: What can be expected by female athletes? (article in Swedish, published 151125)
Lidström, Isak When art becomes ski races: Swedish painter Anders Zorn as sports rebel in the early 1900s (article in Swedish, published 160209)
Lindkvist, Jonas Fairway: The Media Representation of Annika Sörenstam (article in Swedish, published 081112)
Lindkvist, Jonas The Kings and Queens of Sport (article in Swedish, published 090211)
Lundgren, Charlotte The communication of trainers in equestrian dressage: a multimodal interaction analysis (article in Swedish, published 170915)
Lundin, Katarina Language use and sports: A study of language acts in four different sports contexts (article in Swedish, published 191010)
Lundin, Katarina Feedback to training children – how and why? (article in Swedish, published  200504)
Macody Lund, Mathias, Ketil Østrem & Rune Høigaard A retrospective study of sport-specific activity among five Norwegian elite soccer players (article in Norwegian, published 160216)
Mandić, Mirna & Anne Tjønndal Motivation in Climbing (article in Norwegian, published 151211)
Meckbach, Jane & Ingemar Wedman PETE Students at GIH in Sweden (article in Swedish, published 070131)
Nygård, Stig-Ivan, Egil Galaaen Gjølme & Stig Leirdal Formal education level and self-experienced competence level of Norwegian personal trainers (article in Norwegian, published 150507)
Næss, Hans Erik Good governance and The Norwegian Confederation of Sports: A qualitative document analysis of Åpenhetsutvalget’s report (Article in Norwegian, published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol. 10, 2019, 191007)
Pedersen, Henrik Striving to improve regardless of age: A study of Masters Athletes in running (article in Danish) (180523)
Pedersen, Henrik & Lone Friis Thing ”Running for life”: A theoretical sociological analysis of running culture (article in Danish, published 160914)
Pedersen, Lise Warren Danish Gymnastics and Sports Culture in North America: How Danish Popular Sports Culture and Gymnastics Settled in North America (article in Danish, published 051130)
Peterson, Tomas Are you afraid of your own children, mummy dear? —Sport and social entrepreneurship in Sweden (article in Swedish, published 180427)
Ringfjord, Britt-Marie The Visualisation of the Sporting Body (article in Swedish, published 050517)
Roessler, Kirsten Kaya “I do not need a flat stomach, I just want to run really fast!” Motivation to compete for female elite athletes and exercisers (article in Danish, published 170921)
Sandahl, Björn The Subject of Physical Education as a Reflection of Society (article in Swedish, published 051019)
Sandal, Carsten & Helle Winther Fun, games and physical activities for families: Movement, development, and invigorating moments for all ages (article in Danish, published 160531)
Severinsson, Emma Modern sportswomen (article in Swedish, published 181219)
Sjöblom, Paul A Swedish Sports Model Influenced by the Market: Values, Norms and Strategies in Municipalities and Sports Clubs 1970-1999 (article in Swedish, published 060315)
Skogshus, Janette Equestrian sports and gender: A qualitative study of an equine comic book for horse girls (article in Swedish, published 170522)
Stark, Tobias From ‘fucking Sami’ to ‘the King’: Börje Salming, NHL, and the Swedish Model (original in Swedish, published 171128)
Sund, Bill The Powerful Globalization of Football (article in Swedish, published 151221)

Sundström, Peter The internal criticism in Swedish football: abolish the youngest youth national teams (SWE 200115)

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