International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Volume 14, 2021, Issue 1


What do we know about the sporting experiences of gender and sexual minority athletes and coaches? A scoping review
Anna Kavoura & Marja Kokkonen

Challenging our understanding of youth sport specialization: an examination and critique of the literature through the lens of Bronfenbrenner’s Person-Process-Context-Time Model
Justin S. DiSanti & Karl Erickson

Psychological factors involved in adherence to sport injury rehabilitation: a systematic review
Keith Goddard, Claire-Marie Roberts, James Byron-Daniel & Lindsay Woodford

Neural basis of attentional focus during endurance exercise
Marcelo Bigliassi

Clutch performance in sport and exercise: a systematic review
Matthew J. Schweickle, Christian Swann, Patricia C. Jackman & Stewart A. Vella

Does self-paced exercise depend on executive processing? A narrative review of the current evidence
Darías Holgado & Daniel Sanabria

Variance in the valenced response during moderate-to-vigorous physical activity: a review of cognitive and contextual mechanisms
Matthew Bourke, Toni A. Hilland & Melinda Craike


The effects of imagery interventions in sports: a meta-analysis
Bianca A. Simonsmeier, Melina Andronie, Susanne Buecker & Cornelia Frank


The referee’s challenge: a threshold process model for decision making in sport games
Markus Raab, Simcha Avugos, Michael Bar-Eli & Clare MacMahon



Extraversion in sport: a scoping review
Mark S. Allen, Erin A. Mison, Davina A. Robson & Sylvain Laborde


The Electronically Activated Recorder (EAR): a novel approach for examining social environments in youth sport
Jordan D. Herbison, Luc J. Martin, Richard B. Slatcher, Ian Boardley, Alex Benson, Jordan Sutcliffe, Colin McLaren, Justin M. Carré, Jean Côté, Jennifer T. Coletti & Mark W. Bruner


Psychosocial functioning of Olympic coaches and its perceived effect on athlete performance: a systematic review
Gillian M. Cook, David Fletcher & Christopher Carroll

A systematic review of motivational and attentional variables on children’s fundamental movement skill development: the OPTIMAL theory
Thomas Simpson, P. Ellison, E. Carnegie & D. Marchant


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