The Physical Educator, Vol. 77, 2020, No. 3


Effect of a Two-Sessions-Per-Week Stretching Program on Hamstring Extensibility in Latino High School Students
Grant M. Hill, Wendy Najera

Power Play: Leveraging Early Role Modeling in PETE to Influence Teacher Candidates
Derek J. Mohr, Brian Mosier, J. Scott Townsend

Exploring the Use of Triad Student Teaching Placements in Physical Education
Todd Robert Pennington, Carol Wilkinson, Keven Prusak, Amber Hanson, Liz Haslem

Evaluation of an Intervention to Increase Student Motivation and Enrollment in Physical Education
Lauren Sulz, Sandra L. Gibbons, Patti-Jean Naylor, Joan Wharf-Higgins

Gender Differences in Student-Designed Games
Mauro André, Peter Hastie

Supervisor Feedback: Perceptions From Physical Education Teacher Candidates
Christie M. González-Toro, Jeffrey M. Cherubini, Scott R. Doig, Margarita Fernández-Vivó

Testing an Integrated Model of Interest Theory and Self-Determination Theory in University Physical Activity Classes
Joseph Opiri Otundo, Alex C. Garn

The Influence of Posting Physical Activity Posts to Social Networking Sites on Young Adults’ Physical Activity Engagement and Motivational Profiles
Celia DeVitis, Zack Beddoes, Debra Sazama, Teresa Hepler

Waivers, Exemptions, and Substitutions in Physical Education
Laura F. Prior, Matthew D. Curtner-Smith

Credit Hour Comparisons Across Various Physical Education Teacher Education Institutions in the United States
Ashley Phelps, Xiaofen Keating

Sport Academies in Schools: Examining Their Rise in Popularity
Douglas Leong, David Chorney

Comparison of Training Effects of Split-Style Olympic Lifts and Squat-Style Olympic Lifts on Performance in Collegiate Volleyball Players
İzzet İnce

Sport Event Operators Must Deliver Promises to Avoid Gross Negligence
John Miller, Cameron Corken, Thomas Goodale, Jack Macdonald

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