The Physical Educator, Vol. 75, 2018, No. 3

Assessing Student Knowledge and Incorporation of Smart Technology Into Daily Physical Activity
Nicole J. Martin, Ayla M. Schmick

Systematic Observation of Formal Assessment of Students by Teachers (SOFAST)
Hans van der Mars, Gay Timken, Jeff McNamee

Open Access
Physical Fitness Test Administration Practices and Students’ Cognitive Understanding of Physical Fitness
Susan L. Eastham

Relationship of Enjoyment, Perceived Competence, and Cardiorespiratory Fitness to Physical Activity Levels of Elementary School Children
Andrew Eberline, Lawrence W. Judge, Andy Walsh, Larry D. Hensley

Physical Education Gym Class Heroes, Try-Hards, and All-Stars: An Analysis of Facebook Comments
Jenny Mae Linker, Julia A. Valley, Jamie A. O’Connor, David Newman Daum

A Clinically Rich Model in Physical Education Teacher Education
Clancy M. Seymour, James P. Donnelly, Jeffrey R. Lindauer

Pedagogical Practices and Curriculum Considerations for a Study Away Course in Sport
Brad Stinnett, Evelyn Oregon

A Study of Conceptually Based Physical Education in Higher Education
Suzanne E. Williams, J. Leon Greene, Andrew Fry, John Neuberger, Sonya Satinsky

Effects of a Classroom Walking Program on Physical Activity Accrual and On-Task Behavior
Peter Stoepker, Brian Dauenhauer, Tiffany McCall

Making After-School Physical Activity Programs a Success: Practical Lessons Learned
Timothy Baghurst, Kevin Fink

Physical Activity Levels in Coed and Same-Sex Physical Education Using the Tactical Games Model
Skip M. Williams, James C. Hannon

Moral Development in Sport Education: A Case Study of a Teaching-Oriented Preservice Teacher
Benjamin Schwamberger, Matthew Curtner-Smit

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