Sport Social Work Journal, Volume 1, 2021, No. 1


Empirical Justification for the Involvement of Athletes’ Supportive Others When Conducting Sport Specific Mental Health Interventions
Elena Gavrilova, Brad Donohue, JoHannah Kalita, Michelle Paul, Jennifer Pharr, Daniel Allen
pp. 1-12

Family-Based Optimization Intervention Implemented through Video-Conferencing to Address Major Depressive Disorder in a Latina Adolescent Athlete During COVID-19
Davy Phrathep, Brad Donohue, Daniel Allen
pp. 13-34

Sport as an Emerging Area of Social Work Practice: New Playmakers in the Athletic Arena
Tarkington Newman, Katlin Okamoto, Carlyn Kimiecik, Erica Magier, Lauren Beasley, Lauren Shute, Megan Knuettel, Cecelia Tarr, Anita Tucker
pp. 35-52

Beyond Xs and Os: The Role of an Athletic Trainer in Supporting Disordered Eating in College AthletesAthletic Trainer and Eating Disorder
Matt Moore; Jerry Reynolds, Alex Black, Kristin Trainor, Stephen Young
pp. 64-77

Social Skill Transfer from a Sport-Based Positive Youth Development Program to the School SettingTransferring Self Control to School
Scott Pierce, Travis Scheadler, Dawn Anderson-Butcher, Anthony Amorose, Rebecca Wade-Mdivanian
pp. 78-95

Eating Disorder Behaviors and Psychological Characteristics: A Comparison Between Athletes and Nonathletes in a Partial Hospitalization Program
Arianna Shimits, William Reid, Trent Petrie, Natasha Trujillo, Tamara Pryor
pp. 104-114

Sexual Violence Prevention Among Intercollegiate Athletes, Recreational Athletes, and Non-Athletes: Environmental Considerations for Program Interventions
James Evans, Leeann Lower-Hoppe, Kristy McCray, Shea Brgoch, Ashley Ryder, Brian Burkhard
pp. 136-162

Collegiate Athletes Engaging in Activism: Perceptions of Social Justice Causes and Support from Significant Social Agents
Eric Martin, Yannick Kluch, Andrew Mac Intosh, Shelanda Kujala
pp. 163-182

Student-Athlete Barriers to Bystander Intervention: Assessing Gender Role Conflict and Intentions to Respond Post-Sexual Assault
Lorin Tredinnick
pp. 189-207


Integration, Creation, and Growth: A Path Forward for Sport Social Work Education
Samantha Bates, Stacy Kratz
pp. 115-135


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Virtual Spaces and Emotional Places: Parent Spectator Behaviors & Sport Social Work Practice Implications
Jerry Reynolds
pp. 96-103

Practice Notes For Clinical Sports Social Worker
Cynthia Miller Aron
pp. 183-188


Sport Social Work: The Maize & Blueprint
G. Warren Clark, Yatesha Robinson, Daniel Fischer, William Vanderwill
pp. 53-59


Sport Social Work Book Review
Traci Nigg, Danny Bonaventura
pp. 60-63

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