Sport Social Work Journal, Volume 4, 2024, No. 1 (open access)

Research Articles

Facing the COVID-19 OpponentChecking in with Former Collegiate Athlete Women at Halftime
Stephanie E. Rosado, Sondra J. Fogel, Stacy E. Kratz, Amy E. Nourie
pp- 1-24

Early Adolescent Girls Develop Their Self-Worth through Participation and Achievement
Erin Nau
pp. 25-34

Post-Sport Male Athlete Nutrition and Mental Health
Nafees Alam
pp. 35-43

Kickstart: A Mixed Methods Analysis of a Group Activity Program for Persons with Serious Mental Illness
Elicia Cruz, Karissa L. Peyer, Bethany G. Womack, Betsy A. Myers
pp. 44-56

The Impact of Post-Collegiate Playing Opportunities on DI Field Hockey Players and Their Athlete Identity
Gina Caravaglia, Jerry F. Reynolds, Matt Moore
pp. 65-80


Ultraendurance Sports: A Call to Action
Nicolas Silva
pp. 62-64

Practice Notes

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The Future of Mental Health in Sport: CBT and Athletes
Cali Werner, Danielle Parrish, Elizabeth McIngvale
pp. 81-94

Book Reviews

Looking Back to Move ForwardA Book Review of Roll Red Roll to Inform Sport Social Work
Elizabeth McIngvale5
pp. 7-61

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