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    Call for Chapters | Body, Politics, and Nation: Intersections of (Post)Modernity. Call ends August 31, 2020

    Taking the timely but historically-rooted entanglements between the three – body, politics and nation seriously, we are particularly interested in submissions that highlight how the state and capitalism in their neoliberal iterations seek to control, mould, and discipline the body along the axes of gender, caste, race, sexuality, income etc. in their pursuit of power and profit.

    Livestreamad disputation | Vi och de Andra: Om idrott, genus och normer på en idrottsprofilerad högstadieskola av Marie Larneby, Malmö universitet, den 29 maj 2020

    Syftet med Marie Larnebys avhandling är att beskriva och problematisera normativa mönster relaterade till idrott och kön vid en idrottsprofilerad grundskola, och diskutera vilka konsekvenser dessa mönster kan ha för idottseleverna. Avhandlingen har en etnografisk inriktning och empiriska data samlades in genom observationer och semistrukturerade intervjuer. De idrotter som studerats är tennis, innebandy, fotboll för pojkar, fotboll för flickor samt lektioner idrott och hälsa.

    Offentligt försvar av doktorsavhandling | Glitch i Idrottslandet: en kritiskkreativ undersökning av queeranden inom svensk idrott(svetenskap) | Eva Linghede, GIH, fredagen den 13 december 2019

    Det här är en avhandling om glitchande idrottare. Om glitch i relation till dominerande berättelser inom idrottsforskning. Och om ett glitchande sätt att vetenskapa. Avhandlingen består av fyra artiklar och en inledande ramberättelse - kappan. En knallrosarosa läderkappa med krånglande dragkedja, glittriga silvernitar och sömmar som spruckit och spricker. Här och var väller lager på lager av ljusrosa tyllfoder fram.

    Call for Chapters | Strong A(s) F(eminist): Power in Strength Sports, edited volume. Call ends June 15, 2019

    This volume defines strength sports as activities in which the competition outcomes depend exclusively on the individual capacity to move weight. We are seeking submissions across disciplines and thus, from a variety of vantage points, this edited volume will map the ideological landscape of strength sports to understand its potential for insurgent gender practices and the importance for studying sport for feminist social change.

    Ph.D. Studentship | New approaches to the study of representations of sportswomen and/or femininity in British sports media | Northumbria University. Apply before January 9, 2019

    The aim of this project is to investigate the contemporary socio-cultural construction of female identity in the sports sector through the representations of female athletes and/or female non-athletes in the coverage of men’s sport. It can draw on inter-disciplinary conceptual approaches and theoretical tools (including, but not limited to, sociology, cultural studies, human geography and politics).

    Sport Scholar Profile | Jorid Hovden, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

    Jorid Hovden is a Norwegian researcher and professor of sociology at NTNU. She has studied gender and sports since the 1980s. She has repeatedly demonstrated how women are discriminated against and marginalized, both in key roles and in different sports. has been an active athlete, and was inter alia on the Norwegian national team in volleyball in the 1970s.

    Call for Participation | Workshop: Women and Mountaineering| Frauenmuseum Hittisau, November 21–23, 2018.

    Over the course of its development mountaineering/alpinism has experienced an outstanding linking with male values and concepts of (heroic) masculinity. As a result women mountaineers and their achievements were marginalized or downright disregarded. These lectures will be published in a special edition of the “International Journal of the History of Sport”.

    Call for Participation | New research agendas for the study of sports media (re)presentation(s) of sportswomen and femininity | Friday 12 October 2018. Booking required

    This one-day symposium will be of interest to early career researchers and academics from a range of disciplines who are interested in exploring the construction of gendered identity in modern mediated sport, and who would like to make an ongoing contribution to an interdisciplinary understanding of sports media.

    Call for Papers | “Building bodies: Gendered Sport and Transnational Movements”. Yearbook of Women’s History 2018. Call ends October 2, 2017

    The 2018 Yearbook of Women’s History will focus on the making of ‘the sporting body’ as a concept full of ambiguous cultural meanings and impact, and invites papers which discuss the historical formation, transformation and impact of gendered discourses, representations and practices within sport and physical culture.

    Call for Applications | Women’s Sport Leadership Academy 2018 – Developing the next generation of sport’s leaders

    In June 2018, the fifth Women’s Sport Leadership Academy (WSLA) will bring together exceptional women, 18 from the UK and 18 from the rest of the world. WSLA provides a unique learning environment designed to further develop leadership competencies and support the women to become the next generation of outstanding sport’s leaders.
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