Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Vol. 10, 2018, No. 2


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Guest Editorial

Celebrating the Advancement of Science in Sports Medicine: A 10-Year Collaboration Between Sports Health and the AMSSM
Irfan M. Asif

Focus Topic: Shoulder/Elbow

Association Between Years of Competition and Shoulder Function in Collegiate Swimmers
Jack D. Dischler, Timothy G. Baumer, Evan Finkelstein, Daniel S. Siegal, and Michael J. Bey

An Epidemiological Comparison of Elbow Injuries Among United States High School Baseball and Softball Players, 2005-2006 Through 2014-2015
Andrew V. Pytiak, Matthew J. Kraeutler, Dustin W. Currie, Eric C. McCarty, and R. Dawn Comstock

Glenohumeral Internal Rotation Deficit and Risk of Upper Extremity Injury in Overhead Athletes: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review
Robert A. Keller, Anthony F. De Giacomo, Julie A. Neumann, Orr Limpisvasti, and James E. Tibone

Youth Baseball Pitching Mechanics: A Systematic Review
Samuel F. Thompson, Trent M. Guess, Andreas C. Plackis, Seth L. Sherman, and Aaron D. Gray

Evidence-Based Review of Clinical Diagnostic Tests and Predictive Clinical Tests That Evaluate Response to Conservative Rehabilitation for Posterior Glenohumeral Instability: A Systematic Review
Jasdeep Dhir, Myles Willis, Lyn Watson, Lyndsay Somerville, and Jackie Sadi

Current Research

Incidence of First-Time Lateral Patellar Dislocation: A 21-Year Population-Based Study
Thomas L. Sanders, Ayoosh Pareek, Timothy E. Hewett, Michael J. Stuart, Diane L. Dahm, and Aaron J. Krych

Gastrointestinal Prophylaxis in Sports Medicine
Akash R. Patel, Daniel Oheb, and Tracy L. Zaslow

Deep Venous Thrombosis Prophylaxis in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstructive Surgery: What Is the Current State of Practice?
Robert A. Keller, Vasilios Moutzouros, Joshua S. Dines, Charles A. Bush-Joseph, and Orr Limpisvasti

Sport Sampling Is Associated With Improved Landing Technique in Youth Athletes
Lindsay J. DiStefano, Eleanor M. Beltz, Hayley J. Root, Jessica C. Martinez, Andrew Houghton, Nicole Taranto, Katherine Pearce, Erin McConnell, Courtney Muscat, Steve Boyle, and Thomas H. Trojian

Epidemiology and Impact on Performance of Lower Extremity Stress Injuries in Professional Basketball Players
Moin Khan, Kim Madden, M. Tyrrell Burrus, Joseph P. Rogowski, Jeff Stotts, Marisa J. Samani, Robby Sikka, and Asheesh Bedi

Postural Stability in Healthy Child and Youth Athletes: The Effect of Age, Sex, and Concussion-Related Factors on Performance
Melissa Paniccia, Katherine E. Wilson, Anne Hunt, Michelle Keightley, Karl Zabjek, Tim Taha, Isabelle Gagnon, and Nick Reed

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