Call for Participation | Sport Science Online Meetup, 18–20 November 2020

There were but a few known cases in Sweden, and only one casualty, as a result of the new virus, when we proudly announced the upcoming SVEBI Conference – – to take place in Malmö in late November. However, as things  turned out, this conference, as numerous others, will go online this year in the hope of being able to run the proper conference in November 2021. This is an invitation to the online meetup.

Thus, the Department of Sport Sciences at Malmö university, in collaboration with SVEBI, has the pleasure of inviting the Scandinavian sport science community to a series of digital seminars on November 18–20, 2020. This digital meetup will work as a pre-event for the SVEBI conference that will be hosted at Malmö University on 17–19 November 2021. We see the event as a terrific opportunity for the sport science community to meet – albeit digitally – and exchange experiences, in loco the SVEBI conference.

The event is free of charge but registration is a must, so please register here today:

Tentative schedule (to be updated)

Wednesday 18 November 2020 – Theme: Sport Science research & COVID19


      • Presentations and discussions on the topic Sport Science research & COVID19
      • Teacher educators’ seminar
      • PhD Seminar


      • Friluftsliv Seminar
Thursday 19 November 2020 – Theme: Sport, health & generation


      • Malmö Sport Academy seminar – Sustainable elite sports
      • Presentations and discussions on the topic: sport, health & generation


      • SVEBI annual meeting
Friday 20 November 2020 – Theme: Sport, environment & sustainability


      • SVEBI best thesis award 2020
      • Presentations and discussions on the topic: sport, environment & sustainability


We are looking forward to seeing you online on the 18–20 of November 2020!
Department of Sport Sciences, Malmö University

Contact person: Lovisa Broms,

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