Sport Scholar Profile | Anna Qvarfordt, University of Gävle


  • Ph.D., Senior Lecturer in Sport Science


  • Department of Public health and Sport Science, University of Gävle, 801 76 Gävle, Sweden
  • E-mail

Research interests

  • Doping in sports
  • Image Enhancement and fitness doping
  • Physical activity

Selected publications

Qvarfordt, A., Ahmadi, N., Bäckström, Å., & Hoff, D. (2019). Limitations and duties : elite athletes’ perceptions of compliance with anti-doping rules. Sport in society, 2019.
Qvarfordt, A., Hoff, D., Bäckström, Å., & Ahmadi, N. (2019). From fighting the bad to protecting the good: Legitimation strategies in WADA’s athlete guides. Performance Enhancement & Health, 7(1–2).
Qvarfordt, A. (2019). Anti-doping – a legitimate effort?: elite athletes’ perspectives on policy and practice. Diss. Stockholm : Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan.
Efverström, A., Bäckström, Å., Ahmadi, N. & Hoff, D. (2016). Contexts and conditions for a level playing field: elite athletes’ perspectives on anti-doping in practice. Performance Enhancement & Health, 5, 77–85.
Efverström, A., Ahmadi, N., Hoff, D. & Bäckström, Å. (2016). Anti-doping and legitimacy: an international survey of elite athletes’ perceptions. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, 8(3), 491–514.
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