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    Sport Scholar Profile | Anna Qvarfordt, University of Gävle

    Anna Qvarfordt is a senior lecturer in Sports Science at the University of Gävle. She has a PhD in Sport Science and in her dissertation she analyses the legitimacy of global anti-doping policy from the perspective of elite athletes. Anna is also involved in research on fitness doping where young people's perceptions of body image, health, exercise and doping means are studied.

    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Anti-doping – a legitimate effort? Elite athletes’ perspectives on policy and practice | Anna Qvarfordt, Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences and...

    There is limited knowledge about the implications of the extensive anti-doping control system for athletes, and about how athletes perceive the system; little is known about possible consequences of these implications and perceptions for the legitimacy of the system. The overall aim of this thesis is to analyse the legitimacy of global anti-doping policy and practice from the perspectives of international elite athletes.
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