Sport, Business and Management, Volume 13, 2023, Issue 1


Non-profit sport collaboration effectiveness: how do the partner selection factors and the collaboration process matter?
Arthur Lefebvre, Géraldine Zeimers, Thierry Zintz

Leveraging strategies of recurring non-mega sporting events for host community development: a multiple-case study approach
Daichi Oshimi, Shiro Yamaguchi

Rugby’s Celtic fringe goes global – an economic analysis of the Pro14
Patrick Massey, Vincent Hogan

National Olympic Committee sponsorship in small states: a case study with a focus on the Caribbean region
Jeeyoon Kim, Elizabeth Delia, Patrick Walsh

Financial fair play and competitive balance in European football: a long term perspective
Raúl Serrano, Isabel Acero, Stuart Farquhar, Manuel Antonio Espitia Escuer

COVID-19, sustainability and Olympic Games: which lessons can we learn from Tokyo 2020?
Eduardo Russo, Ariane Roder Figueira, Leonardo José Mataruna-dos-Santos

Sponsors logos at the Allianz Arena, a football stadium with a 75,000 seating capacity, the home of FC Bayern München. (Shutterstock/Anton_Ivanov)

Open Access
How are fans affected by the commercialization of elite sports? A review of the literature and a research agenda
Erik Winell, John Armbrecht, Erik Lundberg, Jonas Nilsson

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