Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal, Volume 8, 2018, Issue 3

Back to traditional stadium names
Christopher Huth

Building brand and fan relationships through social media
Ashleigh-Jane Thompson, Andrew J. Martin, Sarah Gee, and Andrea N. Geurin

Children’s game-day experiences and effects of community groups
Katherine Rose Nakamoto Reifurth, Matthew J. Bernthal, and Bob Heere

Regulatory intensity in English and German professional football
Birgit Bachmaier, Joachim Lammert, Daniel Plumley, Robert Wilson, and Gregor Hovemann

Types of professionalization
Grazia Lang, Torsten Schlesinger, Markus Lamprecht, Kaisa Ruoranen, Christoffer Klenk, Emmanuel Bayle, Josephine Clausen, David Giauque, and Siegfried Nagel

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