Research Seminar Series in Sport Sciences, Malmö University, 2 February, 2015: “No pain – no gain: Facts and fallacies about exercise, fitness and training” with Elmarie Terblanche

The venue for this seminar is Orkanen, Nordenskiöldsgatan 10, room E121c, on Monday, February 2, 13:15–15:00.


No pain – no gain:
Facts and fallacies about exercise, fitness and training

Elmarie Terblanche, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

This seminar will deal with a number of popular issues in exercise and training that sometimes elicit very untrue and unscientific answers. For instance: Will 1000 sit-ups per day give you the perfect six pack? Do energy drinks give you energy? Let’s investigate what are facts and what are fallacies!

Click on the Acrobat icon below to access a pdf file with short texts exemplifying fallacies that will be discussed at the seminar (21 pages).



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