Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health, Volume 11, 2019, Issue 1

Open Access
‘It’s more than just performing well in your sport. It’s also about being healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually’: Indigenous women athletes’ meanings and experiences of flourishing in sport
Leah Ferguson, Gillian B. Epp, Kellie Wuttunee, Matthew Dunn, Tara-Leigh McHugh & M. Louise Humbert
Pages: 1-19

Open Access
How young adults reflect on the role of sport in their socially vulnerable childhood
Sabina Super, Carlijn Q. Wentink, Kirsten T. Verkooijen & Maria A. Koelen
Pages: 20-34

Soundscape elicitation and visually impaired cricket: using auditory methodology in sport and physical activity research
Ben Powis
Pages: 35-45

Exploring stressors and coping among volunteer, part-time and full-time sports coaches
Alexandra J. Potts, Faye F. Didymus & Mariana Kaiseler
Pages: 46-68

Implicit beliefs of disability and elite sport: the para-athlete experience
Nicholas P. de Cruz, Christopher M. Spray & Brett Smith
Pages: 69-91

Exploring bodily sensations experienced during flow states in professional national hunt jockeys: a connecting analysis
Patricia C. Jackman, Gerry Fitzpatrick, Aoife Lane & Christian Swann
Pages: 92-105

Qualitative fieldwork in medical contexts: confessions of a neophyte researcher
Phoebe Sanders, Ross Wadey, Melissa Day & Stacy Winter
Pages: 106-118

A narrative exploration of the evolving perception of exercise among people with multiple sclerosis
Emma V. Richardson, Elizabeth A. Barstow & Robert W. Motl
Pages: 119-137

Reflexivity and bracketing in sociological phenomenological research: researching the competitive swimming lifeworld
Gareth McNarry, Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson & Adam B Evans
Pages: 138-151

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