Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 66, May 2023

Review Article

Extraordinary claims in the literature on high-intensity interval training (HIIT): III. Critical analysis of four foundational arguments from an interdisciplinary lens
Panteleimon Ekkekakis, Jeff Vallance, Philip M. Wilson, Carol Ewing Garber

Research Articles

Latent profile analysis of physical activity motivation during behavioral weight loss treatment
Charlotte J. Hagerman, Nicole A. Miller, Meghan L. Butryn

Associations between physical activity and proactive control and the modulating role of working memory
Tian Ren, Xuejian Ye, Zheng Li, Qingyi Li, Xinyuan Zhang, Wenjie Dou, Xi Jia, Bao-ming Li, Chunjie Wang

Dynamics and moderating factors of esport participation and loneliness: A daily diary study
Yan Luo, Daniel M. Smith, Michelle Moosbrugger, Thaddeus J. France, Ke Wang, Yafei Cheng, Yanru Sha, Dan Wang, Shumei Si

Open Access
The causal impacts of empty stadiums on women’s sports activities: Evidence from European football leagues
Dávid Zoltán Szabó, Péter Kerényi

Open Access
The mediating role of neurocognitive functions in the relation between physical competencies and academic achievement of primary school children
Anne G.M. de Bruijn, Anna Meijer, Marsh Königs, Jaap Oosterlaan, Joanne Smith, Esther Hartman

The introduction of the Video Assistant Referee supports the fairness of the game – An analysis of the home advantage in the German Bundesliga
Anna-Lena Dufner, Lisa-Marie Schütz, Yannick Hill

The undoing-hypothesis in athletes – three pilot studies testing the effect of positive emotions on athletes’ psychophysiological recovery
Franziska Lautenbach, Pia Zajonz

Rating of perceived effort but relative to what? A comparison between imposed and self-selected anchors
Tomer Malleron, Itai Har-Nir, Andrew D. Vigotsky, Israel Halperin

Open Access
Macronutrient intake as a prospective predictor of depressive symptom severity: An exploratory study with adolescent elite athletes
Markus Gerber, Sarah Jakowski, Michael Kellmann, Robyn Cody, Basil Gygax, Sebastian Ludyga, Caspar Müller, Sven Ramseyer, Johanna Beckmann

Open Access
Sleep disturbances and depression are bidirectionally associated among college student athletes across COVID-19 pandemic exposure classes
Kyla A. Petrie, Brett A. Messman, Danica C. Slavish, E. Whitney G. Moore, Trent A. Petrie

Systems factorial technology provides novel insights into the cognitive processing characteristics of open-skill athletes
Chun-Hao Wang, Hao-Lun Fu, Shih-Chun Kao, David Moreau, Cheng-Ta Yang

A test of the 2 × 2 Model of Perfectionistic Pressure in youth sport
Daniel J.M. Fleming, Daniel J. Madigan, Sarah H. Mallinson-Howard, Andrew P. Hill

Malaysian archer Khairul Anuar Mohamad competing in individual recurve archery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 11, 2016. (Shutterstock/Shahjehan)

Does success breed success? An investigation of momentum in elite recurve archery
Yangqing Zhao, Hui Zhang

A one-year follow-up of the cognitive and psycho-behavioural skills in artistic gymnastics
Felien Laureys, Dave Collins, Frederik J.A. Deconinck, Pieter Vansteenkiste, Matthieu Lenoir

Open Access
Advancing a grounded theory of parental support in competitive girls’ golf
Shannon Burke, Lee-Ann Sharp, David Woods, Kyle F. Paradis

Open Access
The mediational role of motivation in the model of motor development in childhood: A longitudinal study
Cristina Menescardi, An De Meester, Octavio Álvarez, Isabel Castillo, Leen Haerens, Isaac Estevan

That looks easy! Evidence against the benefits of an easier criterion of success for enhancing motor learning
Juliana O. Parma, Mariane F.B. Bacelar, Daniel A.R. Cabral, Keith R. Lohse, Nicola J. Hodges, Matthew W. Miller

Interpersonal coordination tendencies and perception of visual information for decision-making in futsal
Thiago Augusto Costa de Oliveira, Keith Davids, Renata Alvares Denardi, Souvenir Zalla, Umberto Cesar Corrêa

Open Access
Acute exercise and children’s cognitive functioning: What is the optimal dose of cognitive challenge?
Sofia Anzeneder, Cäcilia Zehnder, Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken, Mirko Schmidt, Valentin Benzing

No relevant spectator impact on home advantage in male and female professional volleyball – A longitudinal multilevel logistic model analysis over 25 years
Edda van Meurs, Jan-Philipp Rehr, Charlotte Raue-Behlau, Bernd Strauss

Does learning a skill with the expectation of teaching it impair the skill’s execution under psychological pressure if the skill is learned with analogy instructions?
Daniel A.R. Cabral, Marcos Daou, Mariane F.B. Bacelar, Juliana O. Parma, Matthew W. Miller

Short Communication

Perfectionism and doping willingness in athletes: The mediating role of moral disengagement
Gareth E. Jowett, Nicholas Stanger, Daniel J. Madigan, Laurie B. Patterson, Susan H. Backhouse

Article from the Special Issue on Social identity Leaders; Edited by Jamie Barker, Katrien Fransen, Alex Haslam, Matt Slater, Niklas Steffens

Advancing our understanding of leadership in sport and exercise: A social identity perspective
Matthew J. Slater

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