Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 56, September 2021

Research Articles

Role of psychological ownership and authenticity strength in the relationship between authentic leadership and sport team performance: A multilevel analysis
Bosselut Grégoire, Guibert Laure, Meyer Sarah, Chevalier Séverine, Fouquereau Evelyne

Autonomous motivation and action planning are longitudinally associated with physical activity during adolescence and early adulthood
Jimikaye B. Courtney, Kaigang Li, Tracy L. Nelson, Kayla J. Nuss, Denise L. Haynie, Ronald J. Iannotti, Bruce G. Simons-Morton

Further evidence for the validity of a survey for self-regulated learning in sport practice
Stuart G. Wilson, Bradley W. Young, Sharleen Hoar, Joseph Baker

Open Access
Development and validation of the Coaching Athlete Purpose Scale (CAPS)
Mariya A. Yukhymenko-Lescroart, Wade D. Gilbert

The impact of student-athlete social identity on psychosocial adjustment during a challenging educational transition
Patti C. Parker, Raymond P. Perry, Pete Coffee, Judith G. Chipperfield, Jeremy M. Hamm, Lia M. Daniels, Robert P. Dryden

Psychological pressure and compounded errors during elite-level tennis
David J. Harris, Samuel J. Vine, Michael W. Eysenck, Mark R. Wilson

Open Access
Towards a better understanding of the role of perceived task variety in Physical Education: A self-determination theory approach
Ángel Abós, Luis García-González, Alberto Aibar, Javier Sevil-Serrano

Qualitative evaluation of a sports-based mental health literacy program for adolescent males
Rhianna Wynters, Sarah K. Liddle, Christian Swann, Matthew J. Schweickle, Stewart A. Vella

Facilitating transition into a high-performance environment: The effect of a stressor-coping intervention program on elite youth rugby league players
Balin Cupples, Donna O’Connor, Stephen Cobley

COVID-19: Assessing the impact of lockdown on recreational athletes
Anna May Martin, Francesca Champ, Zoe Franklin

Imagery training in school-based physical education improves the performance and the mental representation of a complex action in comprehensive school students
Cornelia Frank, Katharina Bekemeier, Andrea Menze-Sonneck

The relative age effect is associated with career sport engagement in alpine ski racers attending training centers
Brady S. DeCouto, Rhiannon L. Cowan, Joseph L. Thomas, Bradley Fawver, Lisa Steidl-Müller, A. Mark Williams

Development and initial validation of the Perfectionistic Climate Questionnaire-Sport (PCQ-S)
Michael C. Grugan, Andrew P. Hill, Sarah H. Mallinson-Howard, Tracy C. Donachie, Luke F. Olsson, Daniel J. Madigan, Robert S. Vaughan

A mixed-methods case study examining the developmental networks of athletes in a wheelchair rugby team
Jordan S. Lefebvre, Danielle Alexander, Shane N. Sweet, Gordon A. Bloom

Open Access
No fun, no gain: The stress-buffering effect of physical activity on life satisfaction depends on adolescents’ intrinsic motivation
Silvia Meyer, Alexander Grob, Markus Gerber

Self-regulatory efficacy and long-term physical activity engagement: Examining mediators from a randomized trial
Tineke E. Dineen, Sean R. Locke, Kaela D. Cranston, Mark R. Beauchamp, Mary E. Jung

Attachment style and men’s patterns of sports fan devotion
Orr Levental, Yosi Yaffe, Ran Noy, Uriya Sharabi, Michal Ben-Eli

The Task and Ego Orientation in Sport Questionnaire adapted for youth with intellectual disabilities (TEOSQ-ID)
Danielle Tracey, Christophe Maïano, Cynthia Gagnon, Rhonda Craven, Victoria Smodis McCune, Alexandre J.S. Morin

The effects of linear, nonlinear, and differential motor learning methods on the emergence of creative action in individual soccer players
Behzad Mohammadi Orangi, Rasoul Yaali, Abbas Bahram, John van der Kamp, Mohammad Taghi Aghdasi

Promoting physical activity during the COVID-19 lockdown in Australia: The roles of psychological predictors and commercial physical activity apps
Jasmine M. Petersen, Eva Kemps, Lucy K. Lewis, Ivanka Prichard

Depressive symptoms in Icelandic elite athletes: A prospective examination through the lens of the response styles theory
R.E. Tahtinen, H. Kristjánsdóttir, S. þorgeirsson, H.R. Oddson, J.M. Saavedra, R. Morris

Relationship between perceived physical self-concept and grade in physical education: The mediating role of test anxiety
Nicolas Mascret, Olivier Rey, Sarah Danthony, Christophe Maïano

Open Access
Ideas for action: Exploring strategies to address body image concerns for adolescent girls involved in sport
Alyona Koulanova, Catherine M. Sabiston, Eva Pila, Jennifer Brunet, Benjamin Sylvester, Allison Sandmeyer-Graves, Drew Maginn

Challenge athletes to improve their self-worth: A serial mediation model linking dual controlling behaviors to sport performance
Yu-Hung Cheng, Wan-Ju Chou, San-Fu Kao, Te-Hsien Chou

Open Access
A longitudinal transitional perspective on why adolescents choose to quit organized sport in Norway
Marte Bentzen, Mats Hordvik, Magne Hem Stenersen, Bård Erlend Solstad

Home advantage during the COVID-19 pandemic: Analyses of European football leagues
Dane McCarrick, Merim Bilalic, Nick Neave, Sandy Wolfson

Open Access
Examining the day-level impact of physical activity on affect during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic: An ecological momentary assessment study
Bridgette Do, Shirlene D. Wang, Jimikaye B. Courtney, Genevieve F. Dunton

Storying sports injury experiences of elite track athletes: A narrative analysis
Ciara Everard, Ross Wadey, Karen Howells

Review Articles

Mental health and elite female athletes: A scoping review
Carly Perry, Francesca M. Champ, Jessica Macbeth, Helen Spandler

Focusing on the coach’s eye; towards a working model of coach decision-making in talent selection
Franziska Lath, Till Koopmann, Irene Faber, Joseph Baker, Jörg Schorer

The performance enhancement attitude scale (PEAS) reached ‘adulthood’: Lessons and recommendations from a systematic review and meta-analysis
Dirk Folkerts, Roland Loh, Andrea Petróczi, Sebastian Brueckner

Decision-making training in sporting officials: Past, present and future
Aden Kittel, Ian Cunningham, Paul Larkin, Matthew Hawkey, Geraldine Rix-Lièvre

Articles from the Special Issue on Emotions in sport Edited by Claudio Robazza & Montse Ruiz

One group’s pain is another group’s pleasure: Examining schadenfreude in response to failures of football teams during the World Cup 2018
Lea Boecker

Mindfulness, reinvestment, and rowing under pressure: Evidence for moderated moderation of the anxiety-performance relationship
Katherine V. Sparks, Maria Kavussanu, Rich S.W. Masters, Christopher Ring

Articles from the special issue Athletic Migration edited by Tatiana Ryba and Natalia Stambulova

The transnational migration of mindfulness: A call for reflective pause in sport and exercise psychology
Dev Roychowdhury, Noora Ronkainen, Maria Luisa Guinto

Negotiating a transnational career around borders: Women’s stories in boundaryless academia
Stiliani “Ani” Chroni, Noora Ronkainen, Anne-Marie Elbe, Tatiana V. Ryba

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