Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 54, May 2021

Research Articles

The right man in the right place? Substitutions and goal-scoring in soccer
Simon Amez, Brecht Neyt, Frederik Van Nuffel, Stijn Baert

A cluster randomized trial to evaluate need-supportive teaching in physical education on physical activity of sixth-grade girls: A mixed method study
David J. Sturm, Joachim Bachner, Denise Renninger, Stephan Haug, Yolanda Demetriou

Passion and emotions: The mediating role of cognitive appraisals
Charles-Étienne Lavoie, Robert J. Vallerand, Jérémie Verner-Filion

Development and initial validation of the Life Skills Scale for Sport – Transfer Scale (LSSS-TS)
Gareth J. Mossman, Colin Robertson, Brian Williamson, Lorcan Cronin

The influence of identity leadership principles on followers’ challenge and threat states and motor performance
Anthony J. Miller, Matthew J. Slater, Martin J. Turner

A pilot study investigating cortical haemodynamic and physiological correlates of exercise cognition in trained and untrained cyclists over an incremental self-paced performance test, while thinking aloud
Nicola J. Robinson, Catharine Montgomery, Laura Swettenham, Amy Whitehead

Shared identity content between leader and follower influences intentional mobilization and challenge and threat states
Anthony J. Miller, Matthew J. Slater, Martin J. Turner

Self-modelled versus skilled-peer modelled AO+MI effects on skilled sensorimotor performance: A stage 2 registered report
Eoghan McNeill, Adam J. Toth, Niall Ramsbottom, Mark J. Campbell

The effects of coaches’ emotional expressions on players’ performance: Experimental evidence in a football context
Tjerk Moll, Gemma Louise Davies

Development and validity of the Motivation Assessment Tool for Physical Education (MAT-PE) among young children
K. Fitton Davies, P.M. Watson, J.R. Rudd, S. Roberts, F. Bardid, Z. Knowles, L. Foweather

Exploring parent-athlete sport related communication outside of the sport environment with the Electronically Activated Recorder
Jordan T. Sutcliffe, Jordan D. Herbison, Luc J. Martin, Colin D. McLaren, Richard Slatcher, Alex J. Benson, Rachel Van Woezik, Ian D. Boardley, Justin M. Carré, Jean Côté, Mark W. Bruner

Exercise schema and motivational regulation of college students: A person-centered analysis
Stephen Samendinger, Christopher R. Hill

WITHDRAWN: Stressor reflections and elite athlete psychological well-being and ill-being: An experimental test of self-distancing
Elizabeth M. Murdoch, Joanne Ayers, Monique F. Crane, Nikos Ntoumanis, Carly Brade, Eleanor Quested, Daniel F. Gucciardi

Ten essential features of European dual career development environments: A multiple case study
Louise K. Storm, Kristoffer Henriksen, Natalia B. Stambulova, Emily Cartigny, Tatiana V. Ryba, Koen De Brandt, Yago Ramis, Saša Cecić Erpič

Mental fatigue, anticipated effort, and subjective valuations of exercising predict choice to exercise or not: A mixed-methods study
Sheereen Harris, Steven R. Bray

Harnessing the power of ‘us’: A randomized wait-list controlled trial of the 5R shared leadership development program (5RS) in basketball teams
Niels Mertens, Filip Boen, Niklas K. Steffens, S. Alexander Haslam, Mark Bruner, Jamie B. Barker, Matthew J. Slater, Katrien Fransen

Conceptualizing bullying in adult professional football: A phenomenological exploration
James A. Newman, Victoria E. Warburton, Kate Russell

Pinning down the problems and influences: Disordered eating and body satisfaction in male wrestlers
Noah A. Satterfield, Lauren A. Stutts

Different task success criteria affect expectancies of success but do not improve golf putting performance
Gal Ziv, Ronnie Lidor

Women’s exercise identity increases after a 16-week exercise RCT and is linked to behavior maintenance at follow-up
Arielle S. Gillman, Courtney J. Stevens, Courtney J. Stevens

Exploring the “clutch” in clutch performance: A qualitative investigation of the experience of pressure in successful performance
Matthew J. Schweickle, Stewart A. Vella, Christian Swann

A dual-process model of affective and instrumental attitudes in predicting physical activity
Daniel J. Phipps, Thomas E. Hannan, Ryan E. Rhodes, Kyra Hamilton

Review Articles

Efficacy of physical activity interventions on psychological outcomes in refugee, asylum seeker and migrant populations: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Marianna Purgato, Justin Richards, Eleonora Prina, Ahlke Kip, Lidia Del Piccolo, Giulia Michencigh, Michela Rimondini, Doriana Rudi, Francesca Vitali, Mauro Giovanni Carta, Nexhmedin Morina, Federico Schena, Corrado Barbui

Gaining perspectives: A scoping review of research assessing depressive symptoms in athletes
R.E. Tahtinen, J. Shelley, R. Morris

The effects of exercise at different temperatures on cognitive function: A systematic review
Kate Donnan, Emily L. Williams, Jade L. Morris, Nicholas Stanger

Relationships between indices of sedentary behavior and hedonic well-being: A scoping review
Wuyou Sui, Anna Sui, Harry Prapavessis

Short Communications

Basketball jones: Fan passion, motives, and reactions to the suspension of the National Basketball Association season due to COVID-19
Benjamin Schellenberg, Jérémie Verner-Filion, Allen Quach, Daniel Bailis

Articles from the special issue Motorcognitive development edited by Prof. Markus Raab and Dr. Lisa Musculus

The effect of learner-adapted practice schedule and task similarity on motivation and motor learning in older adults
Meysam Beik, Davoud Fazeli

Physical activity and motor skills in children: A differentiated approach
Laura C. Dapp, Venera Gashaj, Claudia M. Roebers

Articles from the special issue Athletic Migration edited by Tatiana Ryba and Natalia Stambulova

Professional migration from the United States to Europe: Composite vignettes of black male basketball players from underserved communities
Robert T. Book, Natalia Stambulova, Kristoffer Henriksen

The transnational experience of sport psychology practitioners from training to practice
Alessandro Quartiroli, Justine Vosloo, Shelby N. Anderson, Jaclyn Ditter, Meghan Keeley

The changing meaning of sport during forced immigrant youths’ acculturative journeys
Thierry R.F. Middleton, Robert J. Schinke, Bahaa Habra, Deborah Lefebvre, Diana Coholic, Kerry McGannon

Applying a relational lens to ethnographic inquiry: Storied insight into the inner workings of multicultural teams in men’s elite football
Donka Darpatova-Hruzewicz, Robert T. Book

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