Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 48, May 2020

Variability and creativity in small-sided conditioned games among elite soccer players
Simone Caso, John van der Kamp

Hysteresis behaviour of psychobiological variables during exercise
Lluc Montull, Pablo Vázquez, Robert Hristovski, Natàlia Balagué

Evaluating the Coaching for Life Skills online training program: A randomised controlled trial
Martin Camiré, Kelsey Kendellen, Scott Rathwell, Stéphanie Turgeon

Characterizing positive and negative ‘voicers’ in elite sport teams: The role of the Five Factor Model and narcissism in players’ frequency and passing on of voice
Stef Van Puyenbroeck, Jeroen Stouten, Joeri Hofmans, Koen Van Meervelt, Gert Vande Broek

Exert more and feel better, not worse?: Examining links among changes in exertion, feelings of accomplishment, and feeling states
Cheryl P. Stuntz, Melissa Grosshans, Rachel Boghosian, Adeline Brendel, Manuel (Skyler) Williamson

Thought processes during set shot goalkicking in Australian Rules football: An analysis of youth and semi-professional footballers using Think Aloud
Sam Elliott, Amy Whitehead, Terry Magias

Reciprocal relations between autonomous motivation from self-determination theory and social cognition constructs from the theory of planned behavior: A cross-lagged panel design in sport injury prevention
Derwin King Chung Chan, Lei Zhang, Alfred Sing Yeung Lee, Martin S. Hagger

When mistakes affecting one’s own group result in compensation: Evidence of a compensatory own goal effect
Joachim Hüffmeier, Julia Stern, Thomas Schultze

Coping tendencies and changes in athlete burnout over time
Daniel J. Madigan, James L. Rumbold, Markus Gerber, Adam R. Nicholls

Understanding social networks and social support resources with sports coaches
Luke A. Norris, Faye F. Didymus, Mariana Kaiseler

Perfectionism and athlete engagement: A multi-sample test of the 2 × 2 model of perfectionism
Andrew P. Hill, Daniel J. Madigan, Gareth E. Jowett

Open Access
What’s a coach to do? Exploring coaches’ perspectives of body image in girls sport
Catherine M. Sabiston, Kristen M. Lucibello, David Kuzmochka-Wilks, Alyona Koulanova, Eva Pila, Allison Sandmeyer-Graves, Drew Maginn

The assistant referees’ activity in refereeing elite football: Preoccupations when not judging offside
Simon Boyer, Clare MacMahon, Michel Récopé, Géraldine Rix-Lièvre

Reliable measurement in sport psychology: The case of performance outcome measures
Geoffrey Schweizer, Philip Furley, Nicolas Rost, Kai Barth

The effects of goal types on psychological outcomes in active and insufficiently active adults in a walking task: Further evidence for open goals
Rebecca M. Hawkins, Lee Crust, Christian Swann, Patricia C. Jackman

Dancing with passion: A look at interpersonal relationships
Valerie Guilbault, Simon-Pierre Harvey, Robert J. Vallerand

The dynamics of informal role development within sport teams: A case study approach
Jeemin Kim, Taylor Coleman, Michael Godfrey, Matthew Vierimaa, Mark Eys

The effect of unilateral hand contractions on psychophysiological activity during motor performance: Evidence of verbal-analytical engagement
Merel C.J. Hoskens, Eduardo Bellomo, Liis Uiga, Andrew Cooke, Rich S.W. Masters

Generate, maintain, manipulate? Exploring the multidimensional nature of motor imagery
Sarah N. Kraeutner, Sarah N. Eppler, Alexandra Stratas, Shaun G. Boe

A systematic review of interventions to promote growth following adversity
Karen Howells, Ross Wadey, Kylie Roy-Davis, Lynne Evans

Does mental practice still enhance performance? A 24 Year follow-up and meta-analytic replication and extension
Adam J. Toth, Eoghan McNeill, Kevin Hayes, Aidan P. Moran, Mark Campbell

The role of passion, need satisfaction, and conflict in athletes’ perceptions of burnout
Maxime Lopes, Robert J. Vallerand

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