Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 31, July 2017

Highlighted Articles

A game-to-game investigation of the relation between need-supportive and need-thwarting coaching and moral behavior in soccer
Original Research Article Pages 1-10
Jochen Delrue, Maarten Vansteenkiste, Athanasios Mouratidis, Kimberly Gevaert, Gert Vande Broek, Leen Haerens

The quiet eye supports error recovery in golf putting
Original Research Article Pages 21-27
R.M. Walters-Symons, M.R. Wilson, S.J. Vine

Real-time subjective assessment of psychological stress: Associations with objectively-measured physical activity levels
Original Research Article Pages 79-87
Malia Jones, Anais Taylor, Yue Liao, Stephen S. Intille, Genevieve Fridlund Dunton

Psychosocial factors associated with talent development in football: A systematic review
Original Research Article Pages 93-112
Adam Gledhill, Chris Harwood, Dale Forsdyke

Sport Psychology

Autonomy support enhances performance expectancies, positive affect, and motor learning
Original Research Article Pages 28-34
Anielle Lemos, Gabriele Wulf, Rebecca Lewthwaite, Suzete Chiviacowsky

Children’s conscious control propensity moderates the role of attentional focus in motor skill acquisition
Original Research Article Pages 35-39
Andy C.Y. Tse, Wouter F. van Ginneken

Does decision making transfer across similar and dissimilar sports?
Pages 40-43
André Roca, A. Mark Williams

The contribution of early auditory and visual information to the discrimination of shot power in ball sports
Original Research Article Pages 44-51
Fabrizio Sors, Mauro Murgia, Ilaria Santoro, Valter Prpic, Alessandra Galmonte, Tiziano Agostini

Decision-making of English Netball Superleague umpires: Contextual and dispositional influences
Original Research Article Pages 52-60
Adele M. Burnett, Daniel T. Bishop, Kelly J. Ashford, A. Mark Williams, Noel P. Kinrade

Self-regulated learning predicts skill group differences in developing athletes
Original Research Article Pages 61-69
Dora Bartulovic, Bradley W. Young, Joseph Baker

Predicting cooperation in competitive conditions: The role of sportspersonship, moral competence, and emotional intelligence
Pages 88-92
John L. Perry, Peter J. Clough

Recognizing fencing attacks from auditory and visual information: A comparison between expert fencers and novices
Original Research Article Pages 123-130
Meike Allerdissen, Iris Güldenpenning, Thomas Schack, Bettina Bläsing

Exercise Psychology

A longitudinal investigation of a multidimensional model of social support and physical activity over the first year of university
Original Research Article Pages 11-20
Tanya M.F. Scarapicchia, Catherine M. Sabiston, Eva Pila, Kelly P. Arbour-Nicitopoulos, Guy Faulkner

Measuring implicit attitudes toward physical activity and sedentary behaviors: Test-retest reliability of three scoring algorithms of the Implicit Association Test and Single Category-Implicit Association Test
Original Research Article Pages 70-78
Guillaume Chevance, Nelly Héraud, Agata Guerrieri, Amanda Rebar, Julie Boiché

Acute effects of exercise on women with pre-existing body image concerns: A test of potential mediators
Original Research Article Pages 113-122
Lauren E. Salci, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis

Reciprocal effects of motivation in physical education and self-reported physical activity
Original Research ArticlePages 131-138
Ian M. Taylor

Heritability of the affective response to exercise and its correlation to exercise behavior
Original Research Article Pages 139-148
Nienke M. Schutte, Ineke Nederend, James J. Hudziak, Meike Bartels, Eco J.C. de Geus

The relationship between physical fitness and inhibitory ability in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: An event-related potential study
Original Research Article Pages 149-157
Yu-Jung Tsai, Chiao-Ling Hung, Chia-Liang Tsai, Yu-Kai Chang, Chung-Ju Huang, Tsung-Min Hung

An online intervention to increase physical activity: Self-regulatory possible selves and the moderating role of task self-efficacy
Original Research Article Pages 158-165
Shaelyn M. Strachan, Meghan M.E. Marcotte, Tara M.T. Giller, Jennifer Brunet, Benjamin J.I. Schellenberg

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