Call for Papers | “Sports Organizations and Organizing Sports: Critical Reflections” | World Congress of Sociology of Sport, June 5–8, 2018, Lausanne. Call ends 2017-12-01

From June 5 to 8, 2018, the International Sociology of Sport Association (ISSA) will hold its World Congress at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. The conference theme is Sports Organizations and Organizing Sports: Critical Reflections.

Lausanne, the Olympic capital, is home to the headquarters of no less than 46 international sports federations, and therefore provides the opportunity to foster connections and debate between the scholarly community and the (inter)national sports community.

The aim of the main theme of this annual conference will be to tackle the links between the social sciences, especially sociology, and sports organizations.

We will address how the social sciences and sports organizations influence each other. This will be achieved by exploring two main aspects of this relationship. On the one hand, we aim to consider how research is integrated into sports organizations and what its influence is on factors such as gender, ageing, social class and power relations, violence, risk and globalization. This will involve key areas of interest, such as the contribution of the social sciences and their ability to transform sports organizations, its actors, policies, representations and values, as well as the role and added value of social scientists in sport organizations, as well as interrogating policy coherence within the sport sector as a cross-cutting theme. On the other hand, we will also examine how sports organizations impact the social sciences. For example, which theoretical and methodological issues are raised by the way sports organizations function, and how can the study of sports organizations help to further extend wider sociological knowledge?

Beyond this main theme, the congress will also feature a diverse range of sessions to enable scholars, including postgraduate students, the opportunity to share their latest research. The congress will provide networking opportunities in order to allow delegates to develop collaborative research projects and extend international scientific knowledge in the sociology of sport.

Call for abstracts

Authors should submit their abstracts in English. Abstracts should not exceed 250 words. During the congress, the authors can make their oral presentation in English language sessions or in French language sessions. Please note that no translation services will be offered during the congress.

ISSA policy limits the number of papers an individual author can present: each participant can present one paper as the lead author. His or her name can appear on up to two additional papers as second or additional author, but not as the presenter.

Authors are required to submit their abstract online at, by December 1, 2017. Abstract submission is free of charge. Direct any question to the Conference Program Committee at


June 2017 – Call for abstracts
December 1, 2017 – Deadline for submission of abstracts
January 15, 2018 – Notification of the acceptance of abstracts
January to February, 2018 – Early bird registration*
March 2018 – Regular registration*

* Registration fees must be paid by March 31, 2018 at the latest to secure the publication of your name and abstract in the Book of Abstracts.

Session Topics

    • Sport & Gender
    • Sport & Sexuality
    • Sport & Politicization
    • Sport, Politics & Policy
    • Sport & (Post-)Colonialism
    • Sport, Race & Ethnicity
    • Sport, Power relations & Empowerment
    • Sport & Social Class
    • Sport, Health & Drugs
    • Sport & Ethics
    • Sport & Violence
    • Sport, Social Inclusion & Exclusion
    • Sports & Media
    • Sport Globalization & Mega-Events
    • Sporting Careers
    • Sport, Integration & Development
    • Sport & Human Rights
    • Sport Coaching & Pedagogy
    • Physical Education & School Sport
    • Youth Sport
    • Sport & New Technologies
    • E-Sports & New Sporting Activities
    • Sport, Economics & Society
    • Sport Business & Management
    • Sport & Governance
    • Olympism/ Olympic Studies
    • Sport & Disability
    • Sport, Environment & Sustainability
    • Leisure & Sport
    • Elite vs. Sport for all
    • Methods of Sociology of Sport
    • Other issues related to the Sociology of Sport

For further information, please visit the congress website.

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