Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism, Volume 25, Issue 4

Direction and Velocity of the Ball in Volleyball Spike Depending on Location on Court
Piotr Tabor, Czesław Urbanik, Andrzej Mastalerz
Page 3

Age-Related Differences in Fitness Performance and Technical Skills of Young Soccer Players
Krzysztof Lipecki
Page 8

Interval Training with Active Recovery and the Physical Capacity of Recreational Male Runners
Kamil Michalik, Szymon Glinka, Natalia Danek, Marek Zatoń
Page 15

Affective States Influence Sport Performance in Swimming
Aleksandra Samełko, Monika Guszkowska, Anna Gala-Kwiatkowska
Page 21

Correlates and Predictors of Self-Assessments of Health and Physical Fitness Among Female Participants of University of the Third Age Classes
Bartłomiej Krynicki, Monika Guszkowska, Ewa Kozdroń, Ewa Niedzielska, Joanna Piotrowska, Anna Leś
Page 27

Summer Camps from the Perspective of Participants and Organisers
Aneta Anna Omelan,  Barbara Breś, Marek Raczkowski, Robert Podstawski, Tibor Polgár, Miklós Koltai
Page 33

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