Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism, Volume 24, Issue 2

Hatha Yoga as a Form of Physical Activity in the Context of Lifestyle Disease Prevention
Grabara, Małgorzata
Page 65

Movement Features Which Describe the Flat Bench Press
Król, Henryk / Garbaciak, Bartłomiej
Page 79

Comparison of Back Handspring Technique Performed by Advanced Artistic Gymnasts – A Case Study
Omorczyk, Jarosław / Nosiadek, Leszek / Staszkiewicz, Robert / Bujas, Przemysław / Puszczałowska-Lizis, Ewa
Page 86

Evaluation of Changes in the Parameters of Body Stability in the Participants of a Nine-Day Snowboarding Course
Staniszewski, Michał / Zybko, Przemysław / Wiszomirska, Ida
Page 97

Selected Coordination Motor Abilities of Students of the University of Physical Education During Survival Training
Tomczak, Andrzej / Różański, Paweł / Jówko, Ewa
Page 102

Analysis of the Relationship Between Training Experience and Visual Sensory Functions in Athletes from Different Sports
Lesiakowski, Piotr / Lubiński, Wojciech / Zwierko, Teresa
Page 110

Barriers to Participation in Tourism in the Disabled
Kaganek, Krzysztof / Ambroży, Tadeusz / Mucha, Dariusz / Jurczak, Adam / Bornikowska, Agata / Ostrowski, Andrzej / Janiszewska, Renata / Mucha, Teresa
Page 121

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