Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism, Volume 23, Issue 4

Original research papers. Kinematic Characterisation of the Lunge and the Fleche in Epee Fencing: Two Case Studies
Bober, Tadeusz / Rutkowska-Kucharska, Alicja / Jaroszczuk, Sebastian / Barabasz, Maciej / Woźnica, Wojciech
Page 181

Comparison of Muscle Strength in Male Combat Sport Athletes
Buśko, Krzysztof
Page 186

Biomechanical Assessment of Motor Abilities in Male Handball Players During the Annual Training Macrocycle
Sacewicz, Tomasz / Bodasiński, Sławomir / Śliwa, Marcin / Szyszka, Paulina / Mazur, Zenon / Czaplicki, Adam
Page 190

Analysis of the Motor Activities of Professional Polish Soccer Players
Andrzejewski, Marcin / Pluta, Beata / Konefał, Marek / Chmura, Paweł / Chmura, Jan
Page 196

Causal Attributions of Success and Failure and Mood States in Football Players
Szczepaniak, Joanna / Guszkowska, Monika
Page 202

Differences in Body Build and Physical Fitness of PE Students from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Biała Podlaska in the Years 1989, 2004, and 2014
Saczuk, Jerzy / Wasiluk, Agnieszka / Wilczewski, Robert / Wilczewski, Adam
Page 212

Applying the Health Belief Model in Explaining the Stages of Exercise Change in Older Adults
Sas-Nowosielski, Krzysztof / Hadzik, Andrzej / Górna, Joanna / Grabara, Małgorzata
Page 221

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