Kinesiology Review Volume 6, 2017, Issue 1

The Academy Papers

Frontiers in Kinesiology: Introduction
Catherine D. Ennis

The Patience for Policy—Building Networks to Make a Difference Pamela S. Hyde

Run for Your Life! Childhood Physical Activity Effects on Brain and Cognition
Charles H. Hillman, Kirk I. Erickson, and Bradley D. Hatfield

Exercise is Medicine for the Aging Brain
Teresa Liu-Ambrose and John R. Best

Exercise as Medicine for the Treatment of Brain Dysfunction: Evidence for Cortical Stroke, Cerebellar Ataxia, and Parkinson’s Disease
Yu-Ting Tseng, Sanaz Khosravani, Arash Mahnan, and Jürgen Konczak

Pedagogical Cases: A New Translational Mechanism to Bridge Theory/Research Practice Gaps in Youth Physical Activity Education (PAE)
Kathleen M. Armour

School Physical Activity: Policy Matters
Monica A.F. Lounsbery

The Mis-Education of the African American Student-Athlete
Louis Harrison, Albert Y. Bimper, Martin P. Smith, and Alvin D. Logan

Robotic Devices to Enhance Human Movement Performance
Daniel P. Ferris and Bryan R. Schlink

The Science of Healthy Menstruation in Exercising Women
Nancy I. Williams, Clara V. Etter, and Jay L. Lieberman

Beyond Prometheus, Strawmen, and Science Fiction: Ethicists and the Moral Debate Over Enhancements to Human Performance
John Gleaves

Preventing Death from Exertional Heat Stroke—The Long Road from Evidence to Policy
Douglas J. Casa, Yuri Hosokawa, Luke N. Belval, William M. Adams, and Rebecca L. Stearns

Is the Sky Falling? The Persistent Effects of Concussion
Steven P. Broglio

Physiological Activation to Acute Mental Challenge: Implications for Cardiovascular Health
Edmund O. Acevedo and Aaron L. Slusher

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