Journal of Teaching in Physical Education Volume 35, Issue 2, 2016



Impact of National Physical Activity and Health Guidelines and Documents on Research on Teaching K-12 Physical Education in U.S.A.
Weidong Li, Ping Xiang, Zan Gao, Bo Shen, Zhihua Yin, Qingtao Kong

Elementary Classroom Teachers’ Beliefs Across Time: Learning to Teach Physical Education
Déirdre Ní Chróinín, Mary O’Sullivan

Becoming Physically Literate for Life: Embracing the Functions, Forms, Feelings and Flows of Alternative and Mainstream Physical Activity
Rebecca J. Lloyd

Physical Activity, Physical Fitness, and Health-Related Quality of Life in School-Aged Children
Xiangli Gu, Mei Chang, Melinda A. Solmon

Middle School Physical Education Teachers’ Perspectives on Overweight Students
Sarah A. Doolittle, Paul B. Rukavina, Weidong Li, Mara Manson, Angela Beale

Student Perceptions of Instructional Choices in Middle School Physical Education
Bulent Agbuga, Ping Xiang, Ron E. McBride, Xiaoxia Su

Stress Management in Physical Education Class: An Experiential Approach To Improve Coping Skills and Reduce Stress Perceptions in Adolescents
Christin Lang, Anna Karina Feldmeth, Serge Brand, Edith Holsboer-Trachsler, Uwe Pühse, Markus Gerber

At-Risk Boys’ Social Self-Efficacy and Physical Activity Self-Efficacy in a Summer Sports Camp
Xiaoxia Su, Ping Xiang, Ron E. McBride, Jiling Liu, Michael A. Thornton

Linking Teacher Socialization Research With a PETE Program: Insights From Beginning and Experienced Teachers
Ann MacPhail, Therese Hartley

Research Note

Assessing Novices’ Game Performance in Rugby Union: The Rugby Attack Assessment Instrument (RAAI)
Bernat Llobet-Martí, Victor López-Ros, Jose Barrera-Gómez, Joel Comino-Ruiz

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