Journal of Sport History, Volume 48, 2021, Number 2 | Reading the Past Critically: Honoring the Legacy of Susan Birrell


An Introduction to Reading the Past Critically: Honoring the Legacy of Susan Birrell
Jaime Schultz; Mary G. McDonald
pp. 95-101. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.2.01

Feminist Softball as Everyday Utopia: Sport as a Site of Political Transformation
Mary Louise Adams
pp. 102-117. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.2.02

Tensions, Complexities, and Compromises: Sharing Australian Aboriginal Women’s Sport History
Murray G. Phillips; Gary Osmond
pp. 118-134. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.2.03

The Figure of the Sportswoman, Sport, and Nationalism in Burma, 1956–70
JoAnn LoSavio
pp. 135-150. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.2.04

Tuesdays with Susan: Rudy, Race, and Reflections on the Lessons and Legacy of Birrellian Approaches to Sport and Film
Eileen Narcotta-Welp; Dain TePoel
pp. 151-165. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.2.05

Susan Birrell is a Professor in the Department of American Studies and the Department of Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies.

Susan: Wha’s Like Her?
Catriona M. Parratt
pp. 166-169. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.2.06


(Re)Presenting 1981: Narrating the Springbok Rugby Tour of New Zealand
Sebastian Potgieter
pp. 170-185. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.2.07

Between Pints and Performances: The Work of George Brosius in the Nineteenth-Century Turner Stronghold of Milwaukee
Alec S. Hurley; Annette R. Hofmann
pp. 186-200. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.2.08

Plus 17 film and book reviews

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