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    Sport in Society, Volume 24, 2021, Issue 4

    Academics in various disciplines are writing about sport. Sport in Society is a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary forum for academics to discuss the growing relationship of sport to significant areas of modern life. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: ‘I don’t know if America would have picked me:’ athletic, national, and racial identities of the U.S. Men’s Kabaddi Team by Sam Winemiller

    The International Journal of the History of Sport, Volume 36, 2019, Issue 17–18 | Beyond Twenty-Four Million Words: New Perspectives from IJHS Editors

    The International Journal of the History of Sport is the world’s leading sport history academic periodical with fully-refereed global coverage of the subject. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: BATTING, RUNNING, AND ‘BURNING’ IN EARLY MODERN EUROPE: A CONTRIBUTION TO THE DEBATE ON THE ROOTS OF BASEBALL by Isak Lidström & Daniel Bjärsholm.

    Journal of Sport History, Volume 46, 2019, Number 3

    The Journal of Sport History is published three times a year by the North American Society for Sport History (NASSH). The purpose of NASSH is to promote, stimulate, and encourage study and research and writing of the history of sport, and to support and cooperate with local, national, and international organizations having the same purposes.

    Journal of Sport & Social Issues, Vol. 44, 2020, No. 1

    Journal of Sport and Social Issues (JSSI) brings you the latest research, discussion and analysis on contemporary sport issues. In JSSI scholars study the impact of sport on social issues from many perspectives, including Sociology, History, Economics, Media Studies, Gender Studies, Psychology, Political Science, Cultural Studies, Anthropology and Ethnic Studies.

    Läsvärt om ikoniska ögonblick i amerikansk idrottshistoria

    Idrottshistorikern Steven Gietschier bad ett gäng kolleger att välja och skriva om var sitt ikoniskt ögonblick i amerikansk idrottshistoria, och ställde samman deras bidrag i boken Replays, Rivalries, and Rumbles: The Most Iconic Moments in American Sports (University of Illinois Press). Hans Bolling finner att Gietschier och övriga bidragsgivare skrivit en spännande amerikansk idrottshistorik.

    Quest, Volume 69, 2017, Issue 2

    Quest is the official journal of the National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education (NAKHE). It is the leading journal for interdisciplinary scholarship for professionals in kinesiology in higher education. Quest provides a public forum for scholarship, creative thought, and research relevant to a broad range of interests held by faculty and leaders in higher education today.

    Amerikansk idrottshistoria från skilda utgångspunkter

    Tobias Stark recenserar två böcker om amerikansk idrottshistoria, A Brief History of American Sports: Second Edition by Elliott J. Gorn & Warren Goldstein, och Major Problems in American Sport History: Second Edition av Steven A. Riess (red). Båda ät nyutgåvor av 90-talsböcker, och de klarar övergången till 2010-talet på olika sätt.

    Optimism for the future of women’s sport has to be tempered by the lessons and continuities of the past

    Jaime Schultz’s book on technologies and trends challenging the boundaries for women in sport, Qualifying Times: Points of Change in U.S. Women's Sport, is given an insightful scrutiny by Jean Williams of De Montfort University.
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