Journal of Sport Behavior, Vol. 45, 2022, No. 2


A Comparison of Parents’ Perceptions of Coaching Behaviors in Contact and Non-Contact Sports: A Latent Means Test
Zachary Beldon, Joseph Walker
pp. 126-142

An Exploratory Analysis of the Impact of Concussions on Female Collegiate Athletes’ Susceptibility to Burnout
Shaine Henert, Kevin Barton
pp. 143-157

Effects of Sleep Restriction on Soldiers’ Psychological Flow State and Marksmanship Performance
Bruce Cohen, Donna Merullo, Carl Smith, Adam Cooper, Tracey Smith
pp. 158-172

Psychological Distress and Its Association with Subjective Athletic Performance
Tyler Malone, Adam Kern, Emily Klueh, Daniel Eisenberg
pp. 173-184

Exploring How Urban Male Youth Athletes Understand and Value Their Own Identities
Carter Rockhill, Tarkington Newman, Donta Ingram, Leeann Lower-Hoppe, Shea Brgoch
pp. 185-202


Psychological Safety in Athletic Team Environments
Kelsie Saxe, Robin Hardin
pp. 203-216

Energy from “Softness”: Exploring the Perspectives of Healthy Older Adults Participating in a Community-Based Tai Chi Exercise Program
Nerida Koert van der Linden, Erin Pearson, John Gotwals, Taryn Klarner, Erin Cameron
pp. 217-236

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