Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Volume 14, 2017, Issue 3

Racial/Ethnic and Income Differences in Obesity Among Older Adults: The Role of Leisure-time Physical Activity and Neighborhood Social Cohesion
Chia-Yuan Yu

Improvement in Physical Activity in Persons With Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treated With Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
Raymonde E. Jean, Manideep Duttuluri, Charlisa D. Gibson, Sadaf Mir, Katherine Fuhrmann, Edward Eden, and Azhar Supariwala

Patterns and Predictors of Change in Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity Over Time in Multiple Sclerosis
Rachel E. Klaren, Jeffer E. Sasaki, Edward McAuley, and Robert W. Motl

The Associations Between Urbanicity and Physical Activity and Sitting Time in Mexico
Maria E. Hermosillo-Gallardo, Russell Jago, and Simon J. Sebire

Associations Between Physical Activity and Depressive Symptoms by Weight Status Among Adults With Type 2 Diabetes: Results From Diabetes MILES–Australia
Melinda J. Craike, Kylie Mosely, Jessica L. Browne, Frans Pouwer, and Jane Speight

Influence of Habitual Physical Activity During Late Pregnancy on the Duration of Labor
Yuki Kondo, Ryuichi Sawa, Aoi Ebina, Masayo Takada, Hiromi Fujii, Yoko Okuyama, Yuko Tanikawa, Kaoru Souke, and Rei Ono

One-year Stability of Objectively Measured Physical Activity in Young Brazilian Adults
Rafaela Costa Martins, Felipe Fossati Reichert, Renata Moraes Bielemann, and Pedro C. Hallal

Psychosocial and Friend Influences on Objective Sedentary Behavior and Screen Time: A Mixed Methods Analysis
Jeanette M. Garcia, Alen Agaronov, John R. Sirard, Diane Whaley, David J. Rice, and Arthur Weltman

Sedentary Time, Physical Activity, and Executive Function in a Longitudinal Study of Youth
Eric E. Wickel

Utility of Surveillance Research to Inform Physical Activity Policy: An Exemplar From Canada
Cora L. Craig, Christine A. Cameron, and Adrian Bauman

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