Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education, Volume 25, 2019

Teaching organizational behavior in the bachelor of tourism through the case study method
Daniel Dorta-Afonso

Professional superheroes: Are changes in higher education stretching hospitality management academics’ professionalism to the limit?
John Michael Dunning

An exploratory study: Faculty perceptions of online learning in undergraduate sport management programs
Jennifer Willett, Chris Brown, Leigh Ann Danzy-Bussell

The influence of corporate social responsibility in hospitality establishments on students’ level of commitment and intention to recommend
Erhan Boğan, Bekir Bora Dedeoğlu

Leisure education and social capital: The case of university programmes for older adults in China
Jiaying Lyu, Huan Huang, Liang Hu

‘Lift off!’: Employing an integrated curriculum design to increase student, faculty, and community engagement
Maggie C. Miller, Karla Boluk, Corey W. Johnson

Community of Inquiry in online education: Using student evaluative data for assessment and strategic development
Heather Lawrence-Benedict, Michael Pfahl, Scott J. Smith

The impact of work-integrated learning students on workplace dynamics
Jenny Fleming, T. Judene Pretti

Co-creating learning experiences to support student employability in travel and tourism
Adrian Guachalla, Maurice Gledhill

The effectiveness of podcasts in sport management education
Carter Rockhill, Donna Pastore, Duncan Johnston

Students’ perceptions of hospitality education quality in the United States higher education: Domestic versus international students
Myong Jae Lee, Haesang Kang, Hyunsuk Choi, Joong-won Lee, David Olds

Using student data: Student-staff collaborative development of compassionate pedagogic interventions based on learning analytics and mentoring
A. Benkwitz, S. Parkes, H. Bardy, K. Myler, J. Peters, A. Akhtar, P. Keeling, R. Preece, T. Smith

‘Don’t call me an academic’: Professional identity and struggles for legitimacy within the vocational field of events management higher education
Katherine Dashper, Thomas Fletcher

Transformation process of tourism schools into faculties in Turkey
Zeynep Karsavuran, Bahattin Özdemir

Facilitating the emotional intelligence development of students: Use of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK)
Chung-Jen Wang

Place-based education as a framework for tourism education in secondary schools: A case study from the Okavango Delta in Southern Africa
Kgosietsile Velempini, Bruce Martin

Peer-to-peer teaching: Experience of 3rd year undergraduate sports therapy students and impact upon applied academic performance
Sean Lowton-Smith, Richard Morgan, Michelle Stanley, Thomas Hames, Philip Smith, Chelsey Lawson, Sheila Leddington Wright

The role of mock job interviews in enhancing sport students’ employability skills: An example from the UK
Rhiannon Lord, Ross Lorimer, John Babraj, Ashley Richardson

Entrepreneurship education in tourism: An investigation among European Universities
Valentina Ndou, Gioconda Mele, Pasquale Del Vecchio

International tertiary student experience in Australia: A Singaporean perspective
Niki Macionis, Gabby Walters, Edric Kwok

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