International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 14, 2019, No. 6


Embrace Uncertainty
Jos J. de Koning and Dionne A. Noordhof
Pages: 697


Developing Athlete Monitoring Systems in Team Sports: Data Analysis and Visualization
Heidi R. Thornton, Jace A. Delaney, Grant M. Duthie and Ben J. Dascombe
Pages: 698–705


No Effect of Beetroot Juice Supplementation on 100-m and 200-m Swimming Performance in Moderately Trained Swimmers
Ozcan Esen, Ceri Nicholas, Mike Morris and Stephen J. Bailey
Pages: 706–710

Single-Nucleotide-Polymorphism-Panel Population-Genetics Approach Based on the 1000 Genomes Database and Elite Soccer Players
Gustavo Monnerat, Alex S. Maior, Marcio Tannure, Lia K.F.C. Back and Caleb G.M. Santos
Pages: 711–717

Circulating, Cell-Free DNA for Monitoring Player Load in Professional Football
Nils Haller, Tobias Ehlert, Sebastian Schmidt, David Ochmann, Björn Sterzing, Franz Grus and Perikles Simon
Pages: 718–726

Ingesting a Bitter Solution: The Sweet Touch to Increasing Short-Term Cycling Performance
Naroa Etxebarria, Megan L. Ross, Brad Clark and Louise M. Burke
Pages: 727–732

Reducing Aerodynamic Drag by Adopting a Novel Road-Cycling Sprint Position
Paul F.J. Merkes, Paolo Menaspà and Chris R. Abbiss
Pages: 733–738

Peripheral Muscle Function During Repeated Changes of Direction in Basketball
Davide Ferioli, Ermanno Rampinini, Andrea Bosio, Antonio La Torre and Nicola A. Maffiuletti
Pages: 739–746

Force-Velocity-Power Profiling During Weighted-Vest Sprinting in Soccer
Jorge Carlos-Vivas, Elena Marín-Cascales, Tomás T. Freitas, Jorge Perez-Gomez and Pedro E. Alcaraz
Pages: 747–756

Effects of Ball Drills and Repeated-Sprint-Ability Training in Basketball Players
Martina A. Maggioni, Matteo Bonato, Alexander Stahn, Antonio La Torre, Luca Agnello, Gianluca Vernillo, Carlo Castagna and Giampiero Merati
Pages: 757–764

Recovery of Force–Time Characteristics After Australian Rules Football Matches: Examining the Utility of the Isometric Midthigh Pull
Dean Norris, David Joyce, Jason Siegler, James Clock and Ric Lovell
Pages: 765–770

Relationships Between Physical Testing and Match Activity Profiles Across the Australian Football League Participation Pathway
Jade A.Z. Haycraft, Stephanie Kovalchik, David B. Pyne and Sam Robertson
Pages: 771–778

Does Night Training Load Affect Sleep Patterns and Nocturnal Cardiac Autonomic Activity in High-Level Female Soccer Players?
Júlio A. Costa, João Brito, Fábio Y. Nakamura, Eduardo M. Oliveira, Ovidio P. Costa and António N. Rebelo
Pages: 779–787

The Effect of Maximal Speed Ability, Pacing Strategy, and Technique on the Finish Sprint of a Sprint Cross-Country Skiing Competition
Pål Haugnes, Per-Øyvind Torvik, Gertjan Ettema, Jan Kocbach and Øyvind Sandbakk
Pages: 788–795

Sleep and Salivary Testosterone and Cortisol During a Short Preseason Camp: A Study in Professional Rugby Union
Benjamin G. Serpell, Barry G. Horgan, Carmen M.E. Colomer, Byron Field, Shona L. Halson and Christian J. Cook
Pages: 796–804

The Physiological Strain Index Modified for Trained Heat-Acclimatized Individuals in Outdoor Heat
Christopher Byrne and Jason K.W. Lee
Pages: 805–813

The Effect of Block Versus Daily Undulating Periodization on Strength and Performance in Adolescent Football Players
Simon Gavanda, Stephan Geisler, Oliver Jan Quittmann and Thorsten Schiffer
Pages: 814–821

The Effects of Inhaled Terbutaline on 3-km Running Time-Trial Performance
John Molphy, John W. Dickinson, Neil J. Chester, Mike Loosemore and Gregory Whyte
Pages: 822–828

A Prospective Cohort Study of Load and Wellness (Sleep, Fatigue, Soreness, Stress, and Mood) in Elite Junior Australian Football Players
Timothy J.H. Lathlean, Paul B. Gastin, Stuart V. Newstead and Caroline F. Finch
Pages: 829–840

Modeling the Prediction of the Session Rating of Perceived Exertion in Soccer: Unraveling the Puzzle of Predictive Indicators
Youri Geurkink, Gilles Vandewiele, Maarten Lievens, Filip de Turck, Femke Ongenae, Stijn P.J. Matthys, Jan Boone and Jan G. Bourgois
Pages: 841–846


Within-Subject Correlation Between Salivary IgA and Measures of Training Load in Elite Football Players
Pedro Figueiredo, George P. Nassis and João Brito
Pages: 847–849

Repeated-Sprint Training in Hypoxia in International Rugby Union Players
Adam Beard, John Ashby, Ryan Chambers, Franck Brocherie and Grégoire P. Millet
Pages: 850–854

The Reliability and Validity of the PowerTap P1 Power Pedals Before and After 100 Hours of Use
James Wright, Thomas Walker, Scott Burnet and Simon A. Jobson
Pages: 855–858


The Moderating Role of Recovery Durations in High-Intensity Interval-Training Protocols
Patrick P.J.M. Schoenmakers, Florentina J. Hettinga and Kate E. Reed
Pages: 859–867

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