Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, Volume 26, 2018, No. 2


Increasing Public Access to Sports Venues to Promote Physical Activity Among Older Adults in China
Wei Gao and Keqiang Cao


The Association Between Self-Reported Adherence to Physical Activity Recommendations and Criteria for Maintaining Physical Independence of Older Adults
Katie J. Thralls and Susan S. Levy

Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, and Physical Function in Older Adults With Multiple Sclerosis Katie L. Cederberg, Robert W. Motl, and Edward McAuley

Testing a Model of Successful Aging in a Cohort of Masters Swimmers
David Geard, Amanda L. Rebar, Peter Reaburn, and Rylee A. Dionigi

Physical Activity, Sedentary Time, and Frailty in Older Migrant Women From Ethnically Diverse Backgrounds: A Mixed-Methods Study
Diana Castaneda-Gameros, Sabi Redwood, and Janice L. Thompson

Social Isolation, Physical Capacity, and Physical Activity in Older Community-Dwelling Adults Post-Hospitalization
Lauren M. Robins, Ted Brown, Aislinn F. Lalor, Rene Stolwyk, Fiona McDermott, and Terry Haines

Effectiveness of Tai Chi on Cardiac Autonomic Function and Symptomatology in Women With Fibromyalgia: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Alexei Wong, Arturo Figueroa, Marcos A. Sanchez-Gonzalez, Won-Mok Son, Oksana Chernykh, and Song-Young Park

Improvement of Balance Stability in Older Individuals by On-Water Training
Fabiana Rodrigues Osti, Caroline Ribeiro de Souza, and Luis Augusto Teixeira

Foot Rollover Temporal Parameters During Walking Straight Ahead and Stepping Over Obstacles: Obese and Non-Obese Postmenopausal Women
David Silva, Ronaldo Gabriel, Helena Moreira, João Abrantes, and Aurélio Faria

Binocular Vision Disorders and Visual Attention: Associations With Balance and Mobility in Older Adults Mohammed M. Althomali and Susan J. Leat

The Role of Physical Activity in the Association Between Resilience and Mental Health in Older Adults
Maria Priscila Wermelinger Ávila, Jimilly Caputo Corrêa, Alessandra Lamas Granero Lucchetti, and Giancarlo Lucchetti

Analysis of Physical Activity Among Free–Living Nonagenarians From a Sardinian Longevous Population Giovanni Mario Pes, Maria Pina Dore, Alessandra Errigo, and Michel Poulain

Why Older Adults Spend Time Sedentary and Break Their Sedentary Behavior: A Mixed-Methods Approach Using Life-Logging Equipment
Manon L. Dontje, Calum F. Leask, Juliet Harvey, Dawn A. Skelton, and Sebastien F.M. Chastin

Curling for Confidence: Psychophysical Benefits of Curling for Older Adults
Rachael C. Stone, Zina Rakhamilova, William H. Gage, and Joseph Baker

Sitting Time in Adults 65 Years and Over: Behavior, Knowledge, and Intentions to Change
Stephanie Alley, Jannique G.Z. van Uffelen, Mitch J. Duncan, Katrien De Cocker, Stephanie Schoeppe, Amanda L. Rebar, and Corneel Vandelanotte


Effects of Structured Exercise Interventions for Older Adults Hospitalized With Acute Medical Illness: A Systematic Review
Frances A. Kanach, Amy M. Pastva, Katherine S. Hall, Juliessa M. Pavon, and Miriam C. Morey

Adherence and Attrition in Fall Prevention Exercise Programs for Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Oluwaseyi Osho, Oluwatoyosi Owoeye, and Susan Armijo-Olivo

The Effects of the Pilates Training Method on Balance and Falls of Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
Noemi Moreno-Segura, Celedonia Igual-Camacho, Yéntel Ballester-Gil, María Clara Blasco-Igual, and Jose María Blasco


Enhancing Physical Activity as Lifestyle Behavior in Older Persons: The Rome Statement
Ellen Freiberger, Elisabeth Rydwik, Astrid Chorus, Erwin Tak, Christophe Delecluse, Federico Schena, Nina Waaler, Bob Laventure, and Nico van Meeteren

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