International Platform on Sport & Development e-Newsletter / Issue No. 89, May 2013

Jutta Engelhardt had been working in the field of development and social change for the last 10 years, when she came across sport as an effective method to trigger and support sustainable development.
Jutta Engelhardt had been working in the field of development and social change for the last 10 years, when she came across sport as an effective method to trigger and support sustainable development.

Dear Readers,

Next to providing you with a number of events that can fill your agenda in the weeks to come, this Newsletter recaps the key points of the IOC conference on Sport for All and highlights the IOC guide to managing Sport for All initiatives.

It also provides you with a number of articles focusing on organisational improvements and internal learning of S&D initiatives. An article about the manifest gender inequity in sport and S&D leadership and the concerted attempts of The Women in Sport Leadership Network to encourage and enable more women to take on the challenge of managing and leading; a second article about the importance of establishing solid monitoring & evaluation systems to understand and improve the impact of your S&D initiatives; a third article about organisational improvements generated by recurrent and critical self-reflection of your organisation’s coaching standards, training materials and existing training curricula; and last but not least, we offer you a further insight on the ever-burning issue of acquiring and retaining funding for your S&D initiatives.

The commentary section then invites you to reflect on the impact of the Boston bombing and the reasons why marathons – and other major sporting events – despite being hijacked and abused, will continue to promote solidarity, endurance and courage.

Enjoy your reading,

Jutta Engelhardt
Executive Secretary to the Steering Board

News & Upcoming Events

Dates for your diary

Take a look at some of the most interesting sport and development events to take place in the coming weeks. Read more

Recap of recent events

Including the 15th IOC World Conference on Sport for All, the Football for Equality European Conference and UK Sport’s ICES Webinar 12. Read more

New opportunities

A call for presentations, a funding opportunity for sports clubs that include disabled athletes and the chance to take part in a survey on the personality traits of surfers. Read more

New job opportunities

Check out the latest job opportunities in sport and development. Read more

Latest from the Community

From theory to action: IOC Conference on Sport for All

“The Sport for All sector is ready to take the next step, join forces and move on,” says AISTS representative Geert Hendriks after participating at the recent event in Peru. Read More

IOC Guide to Managing Sport for All Programmes

A platform for organisations managing Sport for All programmes, providing knowledge, understanding and tools to improve existing programmes and create new ones. Read More

A network to address gender inequality in sport leadership

A new initiative will respond to the low female participation on the boards of Zambian sports associations. Read More

Improving projects across continents through M&E

Coaches Across Continents shares the monitoring and evaluation method it uses to adapt programmes with local partners. Read More


The Boston Marathon: A symbol of inclusion

The Boston bombing was an attack on the unifying values promoted by marathons, but the city’s illustrious race will continue to grow in strength. Read More

Connecting with funders

With funding available for sport and development projects from a wide range of donors, diligent research and a strategic approach to fundraising is vital for success. Read More

Latest from the Platform

East Africa Community Coach Education System

The latest in our series on EACCES, featuring insights into how coaching organisations can better evaluate their work through the initiative’s mapping system. Read more

What to do Next

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